Saturday, 12 January 2013


I’ve already done a couple of posts on the dangerously fucking CUTE ripped to spunk and back French muscle beef STUD Ludovic Bogaert…now it’s time to give his fellow big beefy bodybuilding bro Greg some much deserved attention! If you’re a Ludovic lover than there’s a very good chance you’re gonna have a soft spot for Greg too, and no matter which brother causes you to stretch/cream/completely fuck up the most pairs of freshly clean undies (you horny fucking lot), you have to admit, Greg is one fucking HOT/gorgeous/dreamy/delicious/adorable piece of spunkiness with a ripped up vein splattered carcass of slab upon slab of juiced up bulging BEEF which threatens to rip through his bronzed tracing paper skin like the muscle induced tent threatens to rip clean through my fucking undies every time I set my greedy little peepers on him!! WOOF ME!!

As bodybuilding clearly runs in the Bogaert family, I can’t help thinking what Ludovic & Greg’s good old dad, Mr Bogaert Senior looks like, or more accurately whether he’s a roid gobbling uber-macho hyper-masculine shamelessly bright colourful posing trunk sporting muscle freak!! Could you fucking imagine it?! A daddy-esque version of Ludovic/Greg?! He’d have the same lovely eyes and a hint of the same cute/gorgeous/pretty-lad look as his bodybuilding sons do, but, being a muscle daddy, he’d naturally be all gruff and butch and rough around the egdes (phwooooarrrr), maybe sporting a bit of furry fluff on his rugged but sexy mush. And in typical muscle daddy fashion, he’d be outrageously fucking COCKY and as cheeky as a bleedin’ chimp…stomping around…flexin’ and a-squeezin’ his dry, grainy, veiny (grrrrrrr) as fucking FUCK French daddy beef while crunchin’ and a-scrunchin’ his rough/butch/sexy mush into all sorts of crazy/shameless/nasty/arrogant/cheeky chimp/cocky as frig facial expressions like only lads half his age usually do, when he *should* be at home reading Gardeners World, chomping Werthers Originals and gasping about the bad weather!! Mr Bogaert Senior/Hot French Muscle Daddy Supreme (step aside Christian Lacoche) = WOOFITY WOOF WOOF WOOF!!

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  1. i'd like to line the crack of his ass with my tongue, WOOF!!!! the gene pool in that family is off the charts. two more gorgeous, stunning, muscled stallions that i start panting at just the sight of there names. just reading your intro addict gets me hard knowing i'm going to feast of pure male magnificence at its optimum. great post as always.

  2. Zut alors! He is you say...TRES FUCKING HOT WOOF WOOF WOOF! I'll admit for the first few pics I was a bit "meh" but as soon as I got to that shot of him in the pool, I knew I'd be putting a "do not disturb" sign on the door in no time! That CUTE smiling mush with those boulder shoulders tapering down to that hot, hard little six-pack--PHEW!!!! Nice post as always, MA :)

  3. There is a french style - not too huge, defined, rock-hard abs, elegance of proportion. What a great lat-spread and those veins criss-crossing the back. Yeah! he's cute and he got me hard but I'm not ball drenchingly, spunk-tsunamied, massive overwhelmed!Like the arse though - abandon hope all ye who enter here. Chance would be a fine thing!!!

  4. These french brothers are making me melt- such stunning muscles and perfect symmetry and their little waists compared to those flaring bat like lats and then my eyes run slowly over their huge biceps and triceps slowly and then back up over their mountainous delts and then the cleavage between their pecs to the ripples of their eight pac abs and then I scan lower and wish they spent some time getting smaller better fitting posers before I stop and stare at their bulging quads.....


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