Sunday, 20 January 2013


Is it just me or there are some insanely awesome/HOT Arabic & Egyptian bodybuilders stomping around in their little shiny posing trunks & flexing up their massive roided beef big time at the moment?? From MASSIVE roided up tank on two legs Mohamed Salama (BOOM) and uber-hot/cute walking talking flexing squeezing orgasm in human form Osama Ashour (SLURP) to big butch handsome hard as nails shredded to hell beef freak Ahmad Ashknani (WOOF) and a few others I've yet to feature on the blog (watch this space lads).

And then of course there's the f-off HUGE mountain of freakazoid roid stuffed muscle mass Ramy Moh Elspiey!! WHAT. A. FUCKING. MONSTER!! What kind of crazy ass freaky as fuck diet is this guy on to maintain that mountain of man meat?? Here's my educated guess. Meal 1: 40 grams of oats, 3 egg whites and half a fucking COW! Meal 2: A protein shake, a cup of rice, and 4 grilled chicken breasts. Oh no wait...that's 4 WHOLE chickens...eaten alive and gobbled down in one. Poor fuckers! Meal 3: A portion of veg, a cup of wholemeal rice and 5 SMALL FUCKING CHILDREN!! Ok that might be a slight exaggeration but he clearly didn't get that big from eating salads. I suspect a daily truck load of roids stuffed into every available orifice and a fair few trips to the gym a week also had some part to play in him being the massive monstrous meat machine he is today.

And I can't do a Ramy post without mentioning one other thing. THAT. FUCKING. ASS!! Jee-hee-ZUS!! Just looking at that massive plump RUMP sticking out for a fucking mile, completely devouring those tan stained (you mucky pup Ramy) posing trunks. WHOOOO-EEE!! It's surely gotta be one the biggest beefiest booties in the business! Chop that thing off and ship it to any third world country and there'd be zero chance of them ever experiencing a famine again.

Ramy won the 2012 IFBB Amateur Olympia in Kuwait last month, and I'm predicting BIIIG (we're talking Ramy ass-sized) fucking things for him in the future! If you missed my original Ramy post, shame on you, but not to fret, cause you can still view it here. Brace yourselves for this one boys!!

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  1. OMG!!!! He is just PERFECT!!! You described him in the hottest way!!

  2. What a fucking monster. I loved the video of his routine and the way his tiny posers are pushed up his crack right from the word go. This guy is wide as a barn-door - incredible shoulders, and delts to die for. And the quads - humungous. How the fuck does he walk? Who needs to walk - let him be carried round by willing slaves! The back poses were out of this world! I love that hollow in the small of his back revealed under the mountain ranges of tensed, flexed, roided, freaky, shredded muscle! Thanks MA. You've given me instant gratification and also something to "flash upon that inward eye when I am in vacant or in pensive mood." Then I shall be upstanding again to offer more "worship".


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