Sunday, 27 January 2013


This post is dedicated to a fellow muscle addict and mate of mine. He often posts on here as "omfgmuscles" and is just as crazy about hot, gorgeous, sexy, cute, nasty, ripped, shredded, cut, huge, monstrous, bull-esque, corded, thick, solid, roided, marble-esque, freaky, dry, veiny, grainy, rippling, flexing, squeezing, scrunching, crunching, arrogant, cocky, aggressive, hyper-macho, testosterone pumped, paper thin skinned muscle boys/lads/dudes/bros/daddies/roid bulls/juice monkeys/tiny shiny posing trunk sportin' GODS/fucked up flat out freaky as fuck BEEF MONSTERS as I am! Oh and he was also responsible for writing that incredible muscle fiction story "Deep Focus" I posted a few weeks back which if you haven't read yet I urge you to do so cause it's fucking amazing!!

A few months ago I posted a Side Tricep Picture Collection, which included a poll asking you guys what pose you wanted me to dedicate a post to next, and the abs & thighs pose just beat the Most Muscular! I have to admit the latter *is* my favourite pose, but my second favourite, without a shadow of a doubt is the abs & thighs, and as much as I love to see some nasty muscle monstrosity blasting out a massive trap popping Most Muscular with the biggest "eat this shit fuckers" grin on his throb-a-liscious mug, sometimes I just need to witness some dangerously gorgeous, grotesquely muscular, ripped to the fucking skies and back, dry as a nun's cunt, freakishly fucking vascular, obscenely HUGE roided muscle monster with his insanely huge arms thrown round the back of his head, fucking KER-unching down on his stacked shredded flat out freaky cobblestone 6-pack abs which are fucking bursting through his stomach and threatening to rip clean through his life threateningly thin cling wrap golden skin, while his massive, meaty, solid, thick thighs flare out underneath the straps of his bright shiny slurpy posing trunks! And of course no abs & thighs pose is complete without the owner scrunching and screwing up his mush into some outrageous/nasty/cheeky/cocky/arrogant/aggressive/"HELL YEAH motherfuckers...this is the shit right here" facial expression/scrunch/snarl/massive gob open like he's fucking roaring at the audience like an animal/big tongue cheekily wagging out/cheeks adorably poofing out like "pppooooof....ooommpppfff" as he's SLAMMING down HARD and sker-weeeeezing the fuck out of his massive tight corded freaky as hell man beef!! And of course, even fucking HOTTER, if it's accompanied with a loud/nasty/outrageous grunt/groan/yell or you can hear the pumped up muscle fucker exhaling loudly or making hot hot hissing noises like "hhhsssss...pssssshhiiissshhh...oooofffff...yeeeaaahhhh" as he's giving it all he's fucking got & squeezing like his life fucking depends on it...sweat running down his freaky as fuck ripped to buggery abs...thick solid quads twisting and tensing...bright shiny covered bulge shining away...nasty/hot/cocky scrunch on his fuck off gorgeous mug as a thousand muscle lovers look on in complete awe, shock and arousal and wonder if they'll *ever* witness anything quite as jaw droppingly hot again. FU. HUCK. YES!!!

Full rundown of the guys featured (in order of appearance): Hot handsome American beef head Mark Dugdale squeezing out possibly *the* most outrageous, cockiest, and hottest abs & thighs I think I have EVER seen, ridiculously gorgeous shredded to hell Slovakian muscle boy Stefan Havlik, pro mass monster/bodybuilding superstar Dexter "The Blade" Jackson, All American muscle stud Steve Kuclo, handsome as fuck Canadian muscle boy Antoine Vaillant, the big bad gruff butch Texan muscle daddy Branch Warren, grotesquely vascular hot as balls muscle freak Jose Raymond, ridiculously fucking gorgeous Czech muscle boy Jiri Borkovek, ripped up Russian cutie patootie Ivan Kochetkov, insanely shredded Brazilian beauty Eduardo Correa, hot young Egyptian spunkster Osama Ashour, Arabic muscle freak Sami Al Haddad popping out his insanely shredded abs next to a cutie-bum mush scrunching James "Flex" Lewis, tight ripped American muscle dude Dan Decker, gorgeous Iranian muscle freak Baitollah Abbaspour, Moroccon beef monster Mohammad Touri, American cutie pie Cody Lewis, freakishly SHREDDED nasty as fuck Miha Zupan from Slovakia, dry hard American muscle dude Rob Kreider, young ripped up American cutie patootie Josh Walter crunching down his hot little abs and scrunching up that hunky lil' mush (phwoooarrrr), sexy lil' bald butch muscle shortie Luis Santa, big gruff butch French muscle daddy Christian Lacoche (FUCK MOI), cute and gorgeous as frig British cheek poofing beef hottie Dave Guest (THROB), a jacked up Lenyn Nunez crunching down on those shrederific muscle boy abs, MASSIVE pro American muscle monster supreme Chris Cormier cheekily drawing attention to his obliques as his huge freaky abs pop out a mile from his stomach (SPLAT), German giant Dennis Wolf slamming down hard while scrunching his mush into a nasty/cocky "FOOK YEAH" facial expression, uber-hot Canadian pro bodybuilding monster Fouad Abiad, lil' cutie bum ball of British muscle daddy muscle James Llewellin, sexy butch muscle pug Mike Ergas, gorgeous Russian roid bulls Alexander Kodzoev and Alexander Eskin with their arms draped round each other, caked in head to toe in golden shiny tan, thick corded quads bulging out and stacked abs crunched to fucking fuck, hot handsome as all get out muscle stud Ali Tabrizi, gorgeous 'tude pumped American beef stud Seth Feroce cheekily sticking out his tongue while crunching the beef, adorable Arabic muscle boy Ahmed Osman, Slovakian beef stud Peter Tatarka, German muscle bull Armin Scholz and lastly, outrageously fucking CUTE ripped up Polish muscle spunk Szymon Lada.

And if that lot wasn't enough to satisfy your love for this incredible pose, I highly recommend this amazing video compilation of jacked up muscle bull after ripped up beef monster squeezing out big hard nasty cocky abs & thighs after abs & thighs. KER-unch...SPLAT!!

Link to my original abs & thighs collection:


  1. ### Memo from the FDNY

    Case ID: 01051983
    Victim Stats: White male, 30 years old, 5’10, 150 lbs

    Case Profile: North Brooklyn EMT’s responded to a call placed by victim’s roommate at approximately 3:43pm Sunday, January 27. EMT’s arrived on the scene at approximately 3:48pm.

    Victim was discovered flushed, breathing, smiling, and drooling, but otherwise unresponsive. Heart rate and blood pressure were abnormally high. Prognosis pointed to extreme dehydration due to the loss of copious amounts of bodily fluids. Said fluids were discovered in approximately seven pairs of wadded up underwear and countless tissues scattered throughout victim’s room. No signs of struggle other than evidence of chafing along victim’s groin area and right hand. The blog “” was open on victim’s browser, the most recent entry being an “ab and thigh compilation” featuring muscular males crunching down on their abdominal muscles while flaring their quad muscles

    En route to St. Joseph’s hospital, victim became slightly more responsive, uttering words including “crunch,” “fuck,” “pow,” “ripped,” “tight,” “bam,” “jacked,” “splat,” and “boing.” During this time victim also alternated between whimpering and growling while clutching for groin area.

    Prognosis: Victim is resting comfortably at St. Joseph’s Hospital. He has been given an IV drip to rehydrate, and has oven mitts taped to his hands to avoid further irritating groin area. Doctor’s recommendation is for victim to avoid contact with computers and cell phones with internet browsing capabilities.


      A patient at St. Joseph's Hospital who was recently admitted for extreme dehydration due to an abnormal loss of bodily fluids, has today suffered a relapse.

      The young white male was said to have been recovering well, and was expected to start the controversial recovery programme, "MSA" (Muscle Spunkers Anonymous) upon release from the hospital.

      All cell phones, computers and laptops with exposure to the material which caused the incident, had been banned from the patients hospital room to avoid a further incident. However, in the early hours of the morning, nurses at the hospital heard a number of strange groaning, moaning, grunting and panting noises emerging from the patients room, as well as the patient muttering words such as "fuck yeah", "God yeah", "fucking ripped" and "eurggghhh crunch it come on".

      The patient was clutching an Apple branded mobile device with the same webpage on the blog “” open, which caused the original incident less than 24 hours before. It is not yet known how the device got into the patients hospital room, but a 6ft hooded figure, believed to be male and British, was seen fleeing from the hospital.

      Police are warning those who may have an interest in this particular blog and possibly be at risk of suffering a similar incident to the patient, in addition to any members of the "MSA", to avoid anyone of this description.

  2. Are there two pics of Jiri Borkovec in there?

    1. Yes mate..third from the bottom is also Jiri!! LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING QUADS!!

  3. Some of these posts are like going to a BB contest. The spectator becomes muscled-out, simply unable to take any more. The difference is that being at home you can do something about getting "relief" hopefully without the disastrous consequences described in OMFG's amusing comment. Great post MA! I spunked well and truly especially over fourth from the end. I love it when the BB is not only oiled up but sweat drenched with all that effort. I'd love to lick him and taste it. Not so much a doormat as a towel!

  4. I didn't vote but this is my kind of post! The pose is called abs and thighs, but it also highlights biceps and pecs. The correct way to do this pose is like Dan Decker and Dennis Wolfe. They outshine most because you can clearly see their grapefruit bis right by their heads cuz their hands are on their necks, not their heads and their bis are bulging full on! Plus you can clearly see on muscle gods like Dugdale that even when stretched out, his pecs are clearly defined, proving that his chest is ever present and in our faces. Bonus if the dude's nips are erect and casting shadows on said abs/serratus! Woof!

  5. Oh. My. God. I was having a terrible day today until I thought "It's been a few days since I checked muscleaddict, let me have a look and see if there's a new post". 2 hours later and I'm surrounded by crusty, spunk filled tissues. It's like these super gods demand worship, and I have to obey. Every single one of these pictures puts a massive smile on my face, and a bulge in my pants. Nothing, I repeat NOTHING is hotter than huge, bulging, ripped, sweaty, oily, hard, rippling, cocky muscle!!!! That first picture of Mark Dugdale pretty much finished me off, but I had to come back for more, more, more. You really made my day muscleaddict, thanks! Anothe super hot post. Going to have to go back for more now... ;-)

  6. Too much! I just exploded again! It's picture 27 of Chris Cormier that did it. The way his huge, jacked, rippling muscles just flow together so beautifully; the fact that his posing trunks are so tight, tiny and straining to hold in his massive bulge; the way the trunks have that tiny, thin strap which barely clings to his muscles; the huge, juicy thickness of his massive, hard, striated pecs; and then there's that look on his face that says, "Get on your knees slave and worship your dominant, all powerful, muscle master". AWESOME!!!

  7. Omfgmuscles, is worthy of this dedication. He's a class act.

    TMA, this was my favourite part of your all too attention-grabbing intro

    "dry as a nun's cunt,.."

    mate I was in stitches, you're one bad man ... he he he.

    As for warriors of muscle, my favourite three in no particular order are Miha Zupan (a really, really tight package, with smouldring looks), Chris Cormier and Dave Guest(tight abs and great muscle density throughout their entire frame).


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