Wednesday, 30 January 2013


A while back I did a post called "Young Muscle: Teen/Juniour Bodybuilders" which featured a host of young, cute, ripped up muscle lads from around the globe. As I've recently come across some insanely awesome/shredded/hot as HELL young bodybuilders I thought it was about time for a follow up post.

This time however, all of the pumped up muscle boys featured here are from the USA. No one produces teen bodybuilders like America does! Every year a whole host of ridiculously cute, outrageously cocky, freakishly fucking ripped muscle lads enter the NPC National Teen/Collegiate championships. All three lads featured in this post competed in last years show.

First up is the 2012 Teen Light Heavyweight winner and overall teen champion Cody Montgomery. Looking at Cody's physique, it's not hard to see why he won the whole show. The dude is fucking SHREDDED!! So damn ripped, tight and cut to fucking fuck! Add the fact that he's adorably cute and handsome and you have one hot pumped up ripped up little muscle monkey! The first pic is posted with kind permission from the photographer Pat Lee. More of his photos of Cody can be found on

Next up is the 2012 Teen Heavyweight winner Dominick Cardone, who is probably my own personal favourite of the three. Less innocent looking pretty eyed nice lad like Cody, more hot, butch, macho, mini beef monster! Phwoooarrrr!! I just fucking love Dominic's 'tude and facial expressions in the stage shots here. The way he scrunches his mush and manically grins at the audiences as he's squeezing his huge hard freaky boy beef, as if to say "FAWWWWK look how ripped and massive I am! Can you fucking believe this shit? I'm a fucking FREAK!" We're not gonna argue with ya Dominick!!


And lastly, the champion of the Collegiate Heavyweight division, 24 year old Josh Walter. What a fucking ripped to shreds HARD cutie patootie All American muscle boy STUD!! And check the fucking 'tude as he's showing off his ripped up carcass on stage, in his little micro posers. The way he fucking KER-unches his abs with that hyper-aggro, uber-macho arrogant as you like look on his cutie bum mush!! GRRRRR YEAH!! And the way he poofs out his cheeks as he's cranking it and blowing out his shit on stage. BOOOF!!! Fucking squeeeeeeze it the pumped up roid filled ripped to pieces ANIMAL that you are! GRAAAARRRR!!

And if you fancy seeing some of the above lads in action, check out the insane 6 minute preview vid of all the 2012 Teen Collegiate DVD/downloads available from USAMuscle, which perfectly demonstrates just how fucking awesome, insane, freaky, shredded and God damn fucking HOT these cute lil' muscle fuckers are...

Link to my original "Young Muscle" post:


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