Monday, 31 December 2012


Ok guys here it is...the top voted bodybuilder from my poll! Thanks again to everyone who voted. Here's a quick re-cap of the guys who placed 10-2 with links to them all...

10. Ben "Pacman" Pakulski
9. Steve Kuclo
8. Baitollah Abbaspour
7. Alexey Lesukov
6. James "Flex" Lewis
5. Nick Trigili
4. Evan Centopani
3. Eduardo Correa
2. Peter Molnar

And just in case anyone is wondering, my own personal top spot would have gone to Nick Trigili, followed very closely by the criminally under-rated (although I'm determined to change that), INSANELY fucking hot British BEEF monster Anth "The Freak" Bailes!

The Guy: 25 year old French-Canadian bodybuilding superstar Antoine Vaillant who won his pro card this year at the 2012 Canadian Nationals.

The Looks: Without a doubt one of *the* hottest, sexiest, and most handsome bodybuilders in the industry. And don't he just know it!

The Body: A mountain of young, ridiculously hot, granite hard, ripped to fuckery, shredded to the fucking bone, freakishly veiny, obscenely grainy, dry as a nun's cunt, pumped to the fucking Muscle Heavens and back, roid injected, HUGE, monstrous, hyper-masculine, uber-human BEEF!!

2012 Contest History:

Canadian Nationals - 1st (Super Heavyweight & overall)

What you guys said:

He's the best bb in the world! Incredibly handsome,masculine and the body is magnificent. The size of his shoulders! Wow. By Anonymous

he is by far beyond the young, handsome, stunning, gorgeous, luscious, butch, muscled, pumped to the brink, sweat drenched, carved granite, premium muscled slab of meat in pouch, worshipers dream of dream. By Anonymous

Let's add - ripped, sexy, uber-butch, roided, striated, shredded, bulging, veined, god-like, wide, perfect veed, rippling, cream generating and spunk inducing, pec-a-licious, quadnificent.... By Anonymous

Links to all my Antoine posts:




  1. Rightful winner! Antoine is god =)

    Thanks for all your 2012 posts!

  2. Indeed, there were many good posts in 2012. I was genuinely happy when I first discovered this blog. However, I will not be watching this blog in 2013. Looking at the top 10 and not seeing any of my favorite BBs is directly forcing me to unsubscribe. Where are Dennis James, Alfonso del Rio, Jason Huh, Jimmy Atienza, Alessandro Grassi, Hidetada Yamagishi, Robert Piotrkowicz, Alexandre Nataf - you know, REAL men? Heck, I'll even take the teen muscle god Alexey Lesukov.

    I guess new children are taking over and it's time for me to get the hell out of here. Just wanted to give my final goodbye. Like I said, in the beginning this was a phenomenal blog and I still appreciate all the time and effort you've put in creating it. I'm sure your belowed followers will recognize it as well.

    Wish you all the best MA. Happy New Year.

    1. Cochynolo
      It would be a real shame for you to leave, as you are a valued contributor. Some of your thoughts really hit home with me.

      I am not defending this blog, as I'm sure the MA (Muscle Addict) is more than capable of doing a first class job with that.

      I feel you weren't quite fair in your criticism and decision for leaving. Many of the names you mentioned eg Robert Piotrkowicz, Jason Huh, Alfonso Del Rio, Alexy Lesukov have all had features on them (I think Jimmy Atienza had a feauture to, though I'm not to sure about that particular one).

      The top 10 was not the single-opinion of the moderator. It was a poll, where anyone who could be bothered to vote, was based on. So the results are what the members(voters) wanted.

      I can agree the top 10 didn't correspond to what I would have liked to see, but this is democracy, where the majority holds sway. (I personally wanted Ben Pakulski, Nick Trigli,James Lewis , Evan, Centopani and Antoine Vaillant and as my top six). Just because things didn't go the way I wanted,doesn't mean I will unsubscribe from what has to be one of the best unadulterated male muscle lover sites, where naked praise and sexual attraction for undiminished, raw make beef is allowed to openly express itself. Where descriptions of a hard male cock and cum filled balls are allowed to be unsheathed, and unload at the site of male muscle pumping and flexing for all its worth is not discouraged. I've not seen that elsewhere. I was on one that did allow it, but the membership was so small and the posts so rare it was hardly worth participating in it.

      From what I can see this is single-handed operation to run this board. So considering that MA works as well, and this is a hobby. There is a limited amount of time he can dedicate towards this. As there are a huge number of bodybuilders out there, he can't feature them all. You can always send a message to him, drawing his attention to them. He may choose to feature them (or not), depending on what his priorities are. In fact I have even done that, and my request was accepted favourably, I will just have to wait until he gets round to doing it. No problem, as we are all busy with other things in life.

      Even if you choose not to follow the board as closely as before, do you really want to abandon it? All I can do is to humbly request that you please reconsider.

      If you do choose to unsubscribe you will be missed by myself (at least).

      Wishing you a Happy New Year, whatever you decide to do.


    2. Ok guys, Happy New Year to you both.

      I'm not going to comment much on this but oceej - you made a lot of valid points here & said a lot of what I was thinking about the original comment so thanks for that! I really appreciate all your kind words about the blog :)

      Cochynolo - you are always welcome to comment on this blog. If you no longer want to follow it for whatever reason that's your choice & I hope you find one better suited to your tastes.

      The one thing I do want to say, and this can be applied to the blog in general, is that the top 10 list was really just meant to be a bit of fun! The intention of this blog is to just share the hottest pictures of the most spunk-fucking-worthy muscle freaks around, along with a bit of thoughtful text/prose which other blogs don't provide, which hopefully other fans of bodybuilders will enjoy, and discuss/interact with me and others, and share their feelings about if they chose to.

    3. Forgive me MA, a Happy New Year to you and the other board members.

  3. antoine is by far the ultimate beat-off material. hottest, sexiest, butchest, handsomest, adorablest, hardest, carvedest, thickest, veinyest, man-buldgest, man-glutest and best ever NIPPLEST stallion that i wish he would market his oily, protanned, pumped, muscle sweat to taste while i cream and shoot my biggest loads watching him flex, sweat and grind out his cum draining poses. great, great, great #1 ultra superior male.

  4. Wow, somehow I missed the post asking us to vote on the top bbers for your year end listing. As a muscle lover who revels in indulging that aspect of my sexuality, this blog is a godsend. Naked admiration for near naked muscle gods showing off their shit is what I live for! So great job with the blog, the community you've created, your fiction, and your willingness to air criticism even.

    As for Antoine, I effing love this man! He has such a playful relationship with his fans via his YouTube presence. His body rocks and he loves flexing and showing it all off for us addicts. And, MA, when I want to bust a nut when feeding my obsession, I'll often cap off with the video you posted of young Antoine removing his hoodie and popping out most muscular after most muscular! I'm obsessed with the man's arms, shoulders, pecs, and his deliciously huge nips! Those puppies are bigger than thimbles and I could feast all day on his pecs. Nice going, fellow muscle lovers on picking him as #1! And here's the vid that I love:

  5. in my humble oppinion, it's like chevy's and fords and i happen to like chevy's not that i dislike fords as well i happen to like young ripped, hard, veiny, thick, adorable, cute, up and cuming prize winning stallions the likes of, dallas, cody, ivan, arron, istvan, nick and thank god the list goes on. i appreciate the older monsters, but when they can no longer crunch that bloated roid gut it just does nothing for me. addict supplies our lust with the most versitile post covering the spectrum of musclegods and for that i again take my hat off to him. this was simply a fun poll. never2big runs the same kind of polls all the time. that said, i love reading comments and defend anyones oppinion. thanks addict and thanks guys.

    1. Thanks for the comment Anonymous! I have always made a conscious effort to feature different types of bodybuilders on the blog, from the young ripped up cutie bums like Cody, Nick & Ivan, to the big bad butch gruff muscle daddies like Mike Kefalianos, Christian Lacoche & Branch(WOOF), and the massive pro Olympia monsters like Cutler & Heath, not just to suit the taste of others but because my own taste is really varied.

      To be honest, I thought the top 10 list was pretty varied and if I had revealed the top 20 it would be have been even more so but you're not gonna please everyone. Thanks again matie for the comment, even though you post as Anonymous I recognise you from past comments from your style of writing and your taste/mention of certain lads! ;) Oh and you'll be pleased to know I'm gonna be doing another post of that adorable lil' ripped up Russian cutie bum Ivan this month! Grrrrr!! ;)

  6. Well, I for one will miss Cochynolo. His comments were always well informed and interesting. Maybe it's a waste of time writing this as he won't read it but here goes. Thanks big "C" for the list of missing BB's. I'm having fun looking them up.
    In the meantime MA I love your blog. I visit every day and am excited to see what pops up below the headline banner. I love Vaillant and appreciate all that you do for us, the freedom to be creamingly honest and the excercise you provoke, even if mainly to the right hand!
    Keep it up for 2013 and onwards. All the best ANON


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