Saturday, 8 December 2012


The Guy: Former cute teen American bodybuilder turned pro MONSTER/fire fighter/all round nice guy who made his pro debut at this year’s IFBB New York.

The Looks: Steve = ridiculously handsome All American squeaky clean looking muscle boy STUD!

The Bod: A mountain of huge pumped juicy smoother than smooth ripped up roid stuffed man beef!!

2012 Contest History:

IFBB New York Pro - 3rd

What you guys said:

Pwoor someone open a window! This guy STINKS.....of nice lad! What a cutie, personality-wise and of course facially, and the bod is brutal on top of monstrous on top of freaky on top of, well you get the idea! I believe he's a fire fighter in 'real life'.....quick, pass the matches! Lovely lovely guy and a great post in tribute to him, woof! By showmethemuscle

Yeah! sexy as hell. He's super built and so fucking handsome. I love the little green posers with the tuck in the back to reveal more of those gorgeous, luscious glutes. Sometimes I see a bodybuilder and I look and look and am fascinated and so full of lust that I feel sick in the pit of my stomach. Am I unique?!! Nah! By Anonymous

Links to my Steve Kuclo posts:


  1. OOOOOH STEVE!!!!! how can you get more adorable, cute, boy handsome, slatthered in the thickest, hardest, most powerful young gorgeous muscles than steve, and don't forget his other beautiful head stretching and pushing on his tiny, shiny, pretty posers. on my knees tripping on my tongue. great post addict.

  2. I started scrolling down through these photos, stroking my rockhard dick, feeling hotter and hotter.When I got to the one with Steve in those sexy blue posers, my dick started leaking precum, and my stroking got more and more intense. Then I got a good look at Big Steve in his tight green posers.....and then his tight black posers, and I knew this handsome muscle STUD was really going to get me off good. Then I got to the photo of Steve's BIG TIGHT ASS in his shiny black posers, hugging his muscle meat like a second skin.......and I knew I couldn't hold off any longer. I shouted out loud, OH STEVE....STEVE BABY!!!!.......and shot a burning hot load of eyes fixed on the crack of Steve's tight, powerful, irresistable masculine ass.

  3. Agree with Mikee I can't hold back my cock and worship cum when I see this handsome jacked muscle fantasy in posers.

  4. Wow, no words! Such a huge mountain of roided, handsome, dominant, cocky/arrogant muscle. Instant cum maker. Just want to get down on my knees and worship him like the Super God he is. The lust I feel for this Muscle God is unreal. Nobody except other muscle worshippers understands the effect seeing a huge bodybuilder in the tightest, skimpiest posing trunks has on people like us. Thank you so so much muscleaddict, your blog is spectacular!


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