Thursday, 13 December 2012


The Guy: The young Russian muscle monster with the ridiculously cute boyish head and the MASSIVE tank of a body Alexey Lesukov, who stormed the super heavyweight category at this year's Arnold Classic Europe and then later finally qualified as a pro when he won the Fitness House Grand Prix in Russia.

The Looks: Alexey manages to be impossibly fucking boyish and CUTE, as well as being...

The Bod: absolute fucking MONSTER! A superhuman freak of mighty muscle with one of the most insanely THICK plump pumped massive pair of muscle tits exploding and bulging off his torso, not to mention the rest of his monstrously huge freaky as fuck mass of boy beef.

2012 Contest History:

IFBB Arnold Amateur Europe - 1st (Super Heavyweight Category)
Champions Cup Moscow - 3rd
Grand Prix Fitness House - 1st

What you guys said:

FUCK that body is so ball-emptying and when you factor in THE cutest damn face, like EVER, well it's a wonder there are any straight men left in the world with gay wet dreams in human form like Big Al waddling around. I know if I attempted to plough that enormous pair of butt-hams he has the cheek to call his arse I'd be swallowed whole into that meaty crack of doom never to be seen or heard from again.....but what a way to go! Love him, want him, need him. By showmethemuscle

He looks like he's morphed...but he's not! Those massive plump melon sized muscle man tits are the biggest bone inducing pecs I've ever laid eyes on. The way they hang over the shelf of his roided boy belly is insane! By Anonymous

Wow!What a monster. The biceps are insane -actually so is the whole package. Love the pecs and quads and the "attitude." By Anonymous

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  1. Alexy has fucking exploded in massive muscled up pumped out roided boy beef! Those enormous pecs get me boned as hard as possible but his freaky huge bubble butt has expanded into a cream inducing glute fantasy!!!!! I need to worship this boy as he smiles that cheeky grin,loving every minute of his narcissistic self adoration. Please keep posting more of this Russian monster...

  2. I plan on worshipping every pic on this post before I cum to any more.

  3. Dear Santa , I only want one thing this year . I want Alexey Lesukov completely naked and hog-tied under the tree .
    P.S - after I'm finished with him I'm sure I'll be on your naughty list for the next 20 years but it will SOOOOOOOO be worth it !

  4. Sorry guys, this combination of childish face and hyperdevelopped body I find totally un-sexy...

    1. And that is exactly what we looooooove, robin!! ;))

      This Russian roidbaby is driving me crazy! Perfect!

  5. As always...loads of love for this young Russian half cute boy half huge roided freak of nature MONSTER! With the exception of Robin of course! Hehe! Fair play mate there's a couple of bodybuilders who seem to be really popular with the masses but do nothing for me personally!

    Loving all these comments too especially Skippy's "dear Santa" comment! Haha! Nice one mate..really made me smile! ;)

  6. The monster slabs of muscle tit on Alexey are insane. Seeing him in work out videos pump those those insanely massive tits has gotten my rocks off on many occasions. Great post Addict of a this hot muscle freak!

  7. Instant boner seeing his massive roid gut. His muscle ass is going to need its own zip code soon.


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