Sunday, 16 December 2012


The Guy: 29 year old British bodybuilding sensation James "Flex" Lewis, aka "The Welsh Dragon" who became champion of the 212 class at this year's Mr Olymipa, followed by a further two wins, in what has undoubtedly been the best year of his bodybuilding career to date.

The Looks: Cute, handsome, sexy, masculine, cheeky, charming, laddish and so very fucking British! Phwoooarrr!!

The Bod: A 5"5 mass of huge pumped freaky ripped to the British bone BEEF..with those monstrous arms, awesome shredded wheels, tight little abs, and of course...those freaky as fucking fuck hard striated posing trunk gobbling glutes which have to be some of the best and nastiest in the business. All I want for fucking Christmas...are THOSE!!

Contest History:

IFBB Mr Olympia: 212 Class - 1st
IFBB British Grand Prix: 212 Class - 1st
EVL's Prague Pro: 212 Class - 1st

What you guys said:

Flex has really hit the genetic jackpot. Love him both as an offseason MOUNTAIN and in ripped to fucking hell contest shape, particularly when he scrunches up that cute face while rocking a big ab/thigh or most muscular. Keep up the good work, addict. By omfgmuscles

'A' grade genetics, excellent symmetry (mo major weaknesses, good density and good stage presence. His muscle groups flow so well into one another, which many other bodybuilders lack. By oceej

OOOOH MY GOD!!!!! yes, his most muscular tongue pose and my tongue stroking his young thick striated carved granite glutes, and don't forget a pair of the most magnificent thick heavy carved muscle slabbed legs out there muscle worshipland. great post addict. By Anonymous

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  1. Totally amazing post mate, just can't get enough of seeing Flex bringing that bad boy attitude! Gotta love the UK lads for that, he's awesome and boy does he know it!

  2. I only made it about halfway through the pictures! Damn!!!!!!!! He is the essence of super god. Cocky, dominant, handsome, and those glutes. Every striation in those rock hard muscle hams needs to feel my tongue. I love his posing trunks too. That silky fabric drives me wild. I just want to kneel before him and worship him like the puny, pathetic slave I am. I'm yours master, dominate me!

  3. The most muscular pose with Flex sticking his tongue out is incredible. He is flexing those massive, roided and ripped pecs and showing that damn cocky attitude. Flex has it all, including massive tree trunk legs, to go with his incredibly pumped up and massive hard rock pecs, V shaped back and cannon ball glutes, yeah!! Not to mention that big juicy package sticking out of his posing damn hot.

  4. the essence of absolute MUSCLE WORSHIP. thick solid block of full granite hard striated pumped cocky muscle. the crab tongue pose, the thickest hardest bis, delts that would support a house, legs drenched in huge corded slabs of beautiful muscle and YES glutes that are so straited and ripped the straitions are ripped. those glutes just beg for tongues to keep the muscle sweat running down his massive back soaked up. great post addict on a great muscle god.

  5. Here is a position (placing), that I can agree with (he could have even placed higher and that would also have been fine). His muscles do the talking. The guy is GOOD, and better than GOOD...

    I think my favourite post is this one
    A genetically blessed individual. Fuck!! - gasp - and a stiff dick.

    From the mighty slabs of beef spread across his delts and arms to his slim waist, and those full hammies and eye-popping calves. This is a pose that lets many a fine bodybuilder down, it shows his all-round perfection.

    One last question, who does the picture of the day (or should I say ass of the day) belong to? He is totally impressive and undoubtedly very, very sexy. I'm just boned looking at him.

    Your laying it on thick MA, one after another of jaw-dropping, hardened, bronzed, muscled demons, for fellow men to drool and express their lust over by cumming in their pants at the site of such bare-assed muscledom.

    I love this blog. Crude, raw and without crap. Just BEEF!!!


    1. Pic of the day was Egyptian bodybuilder Ramy Moh Elspiey! I did a post on him a while back and will be doing another one ;)

  6. MA, was he (Ramy Moh Elpiey), the dude with cropped blond hair, and blue posers with a tatoo on his back? I thought it (the blond dude) was someone else.

  7. I've met Flex Lewis at the Mississippi State Championships one year. Being part Welsh myself, I walked up to him an said "Good day" in Welsh. He looked shocked to hear his native language spoken in Jackson, Mississippi! I'll tell you, despite the cocky look on stage, he is one of the nicest pros I've ever shaken hands with. Very friendly, affable, extremely sexy with his Welsh accent and easily approached. He is a little guy in height, but what he lacks in height he way makes up for in breadth! He is one big boy considering I'm 6-0 at 216 and he's only 5-5 and weighs what I do! He had very small hands and when I shook his with my big catcher's mitt hand, it just swallowed it up. I just wanted to throw him over my shoulder and take him home with me. However, I think his wife would have something to say about that!


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