Thursday, 20 December 2012


The Guy: 25 year old American muscle boy Nick Trigili, and one of my personal favourite bodybuilders of the year, who's made incredible gains to his physique this year. Surely he'll be earning that pro card in the 2013 season?

The Looks: The perfect combo of All American cornfed (thanks Kyle) pretty boy and hot/sexy/handsome hyper masculine muscle stud. I'm not sure if I prefer him with the completely shaved head (WOOF) or the outrageously hot/funky mohawk (DOUBLE FUCKING WOOF)!!

The Bod: A huge JACKED shredded ripped mountain of pumped up roid injected boy beef, complete with MASSIVE guns, stacked abs, a monstrous barn door back, freakishly vein splattered tree trunk-esque quads, and a pant creaming pair of glutes which seem to get bigger, hotter, harder and more striated with every show he competes in.

2012 Contest History:

NPC USA Championships - 2nd (Super Heavyweights)
North Americans - 5th (Super Heavyweights)

What you guys said:

OMG YES!!!!! nick, the ultimate young massive muscled stallion. adorable thick slabs of straited rutting super male muscle. gorgeous handsome all american butch meat monster. By Anonymous

Fuck, Nick looks hot with a shaved head and having shed some mass. The back shots are extremely hot, do you think he knows how hot they are? Think how hot he would be when he regains some mass (especially in the leg department), and keeps the shaved head? It doesn't bare thinking about. By oceej

big boy nick. young, yum, cute, yum, butch, yum, massive, yum, thick, yum, vascular, yum, striated, yum, big,thick,young,long,massive,veiny LEGS, yum,yum,yum!  By Anonymous

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  1. thank you very much for this guys ! ;) all the love is appreciated !!!

  2. OMG i cream for nick. young, massive, gorgeous, butch, rugged, thick, shredded, veiny, powerful erotic stallion. definetly the mohawk and that heavy beard, WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!! his incredible legs, his massive back, his huge full mind blowing arms, his ripped to shreds glutes, his thick luscious pec slabs to be massaged till your fingers go numb. he just drives me NUTS while i blow my nuts. great post addict as always.

  3. Does the above mean that the totally gorgeous Nick is wise enough to follow this blog? If he looks here again then he should know he has another devoted and exhausted fan. What a combination of size and elegance! There are lots of us who cream for this guy who is fantasy come to life! Woof!!!Woof!!!

  4. OMG yes, if nick reads this again, here's another one of many that cream at the first sight of your young, gorgeous, handsome, massive, ripped, butch, monument to muscled perfection. just please nick get rid of those awful valor posers, the more skimpy, shiny, tiny the posers, the more you drive us totally NUTS. yes, WOOF!!!WOOF!!!!WOOF!!!!

  5. Nick is one super shredded hot muscle stud. Next year he could be #1 on the list. The Ulrich shots show off his massive size and get me off!

  6. oh yea, in just a couple years, nick went from a young, adorable muscle pup to a handsome, stunning, young massive muscle god. he's the future of bodybuilding and ultimate muscle lust. nick is definately one of the best CUM drainer out there.

  7. I can't be 100% sure but I'd say that comment was from the real Nick! I know from Facebook that he's seen the blog, and approves of it..and he's not the only bodybuilder to have said so either!

  8. how can they get any hotter than nick. total young, massive, handsome, hard, muscled beauty is that pic of nick in the gym with the green skull cap and tank top doing a double bi. that gorgeous heavy beard and those massive guns. how can anyone do anything in that gym but CUM. DOUBLE WOOF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. he's like a super muscular version of Ben Affleck!

  10. Nick is that guy that loves to rubbed, sucked, and worshipped. He keeps growing and begs for more. And yes, that Mohawk hair cut helps him show off those massive hard muscles that spell out he wants action. No wonder he is smiling!


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