Saturday, 22 December 2012


The Guy: IFBB American Pro MONSTER Evan Centopani who looked in his best ever condition when he placed 3rd at this year's Arnold Classic, before making his Olympia debut where he placed a respectable 8th.

The Looks: Evan is not exactly classically good looking, but he's still pretty damn handsome in his own special way, demonstrated in that sexy/cocky smirk he displays when he's not pulling the most OTT arrogant/aggressive/animated facial expressions when he's squeezing and flexing his mighty museum of muscle.

The Body: Slab upon slab of huge carved granite hard roided muscle mass. Evan is a monstrous mountain of superhuman vein plastered shredded to hell and back man meat.

2012 Contest History:

IFBB Arnold Classic - 3rd
IFBB Mr Olympia - 8th

What you guys said:

Evan is one of, if not, my all time favorite massive muscle dudes. Glad to hear someone else who finds this mountain of a man super sexy. By BMD

He's a road map to muscle heaven. Those veiny mega muscles are incredible. Thanks for these inspiring photos of a god By Anonymous

seriously this is muscle worship heaven.... i would love to have been his supplier of juice any watched him grow over the years.... By pak00


  1. First Nick, now balls hurt from draining them so much. I check MA 2-3 times a day and never fail to cum, especially with the recent posts. Good job!

  2. I think Evan is one of the best looking BBs around. You can be awed by, say, Branch Warren or Dennis Wolf's amazing beef and still see that they are plug- ugly mofos. Evan has a jaw like Clarke Kent and the looks of the all-American boy-next-door. Lovely smile too.

  3. Absolutely one of the most stunningly handsome pro-bodybuilders out there and a beautifully balanced and symmetrical physique to go with the face. I should be so lucky to look like that! And I'm told by those that know him that he is a quiet, unassuming guy who hasn't let his rise to fame tarnish his guy next door image.

  4. Evan is one massively hard and perfectly assembled muscle beast! Great post showing those eye popping delts, and hard as rock, chiseled pecs, not to mention the photo showing his super impressive back side with a back with thick slabs of defined muscle leading down to glutes that are mouth watering. Damn hot.

  5. Superb post as ever matey, Evan is AWESOME! He is one good looking muscleman. I love pic 17 with that most muscular and that 'owww baby this feels so damned good it HURTS!!' expression on his mush! I love it love it LOVE IT when bodybuilders crank up the attitude like that, PERFECTO!!! ;)


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