Thursday, 27 December 2012


The Guy: IFBB Pro Brazilian bodybuilding beauty/BEAST Eduardo Correa who seems to have competed in just about every possible show this year!

The Looks: Ridiculously handsome and gorgeous! Eduardo manages to be both a pretty boy and uber fucking masculine as hell. THROB!

The Body: FUCKING. SHREDDED!! Look at the lines/separations/ripples in those massive cut to fucking fuck quads. It's almost like he has extra muscles no other bodybuilder has. What a fucking FREAK!! And those hard, dry, shredded to hell and back abdominals are just INSANE. He's so fucking ripped up, he almost looks like he doesn't belong to this world. And we can't forget those big slabby muscle tits which hang from his frame and that meaty munchable ass just begging to escape those shiny as shit posing trunks. Spunk Fucking City we here come!!

2012 Contest History:

IFBB Flex Pro - 5th
IFBB Arnold Classic - 10th
IFBB Valenti Gold Cup: 212 Class - 1st
IFBB Mr Olympia: 212 Class - 3rd
IFBB British Grand Prix: 212 Class - 4th
EVL's Prague Pro: 212 Class - 3rd

What you guys said:

WOOF!!! eduardo, muscle worship at its finest. adorable, heavy sand paper beard, killer smile, and from there on thick slabs of carved granite muscle with the most magnificent hanging hard blocks of lickable luscious PECS and perfect dark brown nipples to go totally crazy over. By Anonymous

Those heavily veined massive thighs are to die for, but so are the pecs crowned by those beautiful tits - and then the biceps. Yes! By Anonymous

Brazilians will always remain my ultimate weak spot. They're just ridiculously gorgeous. And with this amount of muscle Eduardo represents total perfection. By Cochynolo

that view of eduardo looking up across those massive slabs of carved quads staring at that thick solid slab of latin beef in those tiny stretched posers. OMG By Anonymous

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself, Addict: Eduardo possesses the face of a beauty and the body of a BEAST!!!! GRRRR!!! The combo of Eduardo's classically gorgeous handsome good looks with those shockingly ripped to fucking fuckety fuck muscles (especially those granite-hard abs and otherworldly quads) truly leaves me speechless.

  2. eduardo under the tree and me cumming down his chimney. WOOF!!!!! dark, handsome, adorable smile, heavy beard and then the muscles, thick, ripped, deep carved slabs of marble covered with dark satin skin and beautiful brown nips to decorate his striated gorgeous pecs and most of all he knows what posers we love. tiny, shiny, tight posers always tucked in those ripped blocks of lickable glutes and that tiny pouch packed with that thick latin slab of muscled meat. what a chimney. never get enough of eduardo addict. great post and great # 3

  3. GRRR. Eduardo is one compact mountain of ripped and super pumped muscle! His outrageously pumped pecs topped with those big suckable nips and his back and glutes of granite hard muscle upon striated muscle have me hard and ready to beat every time.

  4. The contrast between Eduardo's hyper-masculine, heavy, sandpaper beard and those huge, swollen, suckable nipples crowning his rippling, bulging pecs drives me wild.


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