Saturday, 29 December 2012


The Guy: Hungarian bodybuilder/perfectly pumped pretty boy Peter Molnar who is, without a doubt, one of the best/hottest/most popular amateur bodybuilders in Europe.

The Looks: So fucking handsome it borders on ridiculous, with those big pretty eyes, and that gorgeous smile. THROB!

The Body: Tiny waist...MASSIVE everything else, with those round shoulders, perfect pecs, tight abs, crazy quads, wing-esque lats and that meaty munchable ass which blows out of his tight second skin posing trunks and could feed a family of five for a week. CHOMP!

2012 Contest History:

FIBO Olimp Challenge - 2nd
Top de Colmar - 1st
Frey Classic - 1st
WBPF World Championships - 1st
Louie Koncz Classic International - 1st

What you guys said:

OMG YES, PETER THE GREAT!!!!!! when he just stands in a lineup and you can't take your eyes off of him to even look and drool over the rest of the muscled pack, then we have a once in a decade god of magnificent, gorgeous, work of sperhuman man perfection By Anonymous

OMG Peter Molnar will wear me out. What a handsome, muscled, sexy, rippling, flexed brute. How many times have I made my hot sticky homage to this god. He can have all that I can shoot in his honour!! By Anonymous

is certainly a once in a decade ultra flawless young muscle dream, that personally i could fill a 50 gal. drum with what iv'e unloaded drooling over his young granite, straited, stunning, gorgeous, bronzed, luscious, sweat drenched, rocked pumped, ultimate SUPER/SUPER/SUPER male beyond MALES body By Anonymous


  1. Lord, I hope he never gets his nipples reduced. What a freakn' god.

  2. Gawwwwwd Petey looks like he's a walking, breathing comic book illustration come to LIFE!! Really gives new meaning to the "hour-glass" physique...massively pumped up pecs and lats and some of the most INSANE quads in the game flanking that tight lil six-pack encased by the tiniest waist imaginable! In short, this man is a GOD.

  3. Glad to see this muscle god at the top of the list. This muscle pumped dream has the hottest most insanely pumped pec slabs on the planet, not to mention his massively hard and striated quads and glutes. Addict, keep more posts of him coming!

  4. also glad peter made #2 because i personally don't lust over bloated roid guts. peter is in a class all his own when it cums to young, gorgeous total erotic man muscle. stunning slabs of lean etched granite carved muscle, the tiniest waist flaring up to the hardest hanging set of straited pecs, awesome cannon ball delts, and the most beautiful round full biceps, then his marble etched legs with the greatest set of lick lusting glutes that deserve a tongue swabbing every drop of precious muscle sweat and fainting over that most erotic scent of pumped muscle oil and sweat, only to cum to ultimate worship dream of PETER'S PETER. great, great #2 addict.

  5. This is it. The hottest of the HOT BB and he is still growing. Superb, is an understatement. I am with you... I need, beg for more.

  6. the titanic was the SHIP OF DREAMS, PETER has to be the hottest, most stunning, super shredded, carved out of human steel, MAN OF DREAMS, inducing soaked briefs and heart rates to rise the world over. beyond worship!!!!!!!!


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