Thursday, 6 December 2012


Ok guys, here goes, based on the results from my recent poll, your top 10 favourite bodybuilders of the year...

The Guy: Uber-hot hyper macho Canadian pro bodybuilding beef monster who has a reputation for being an OTT cocky/arrogant/aggressive animal on the stage as well as a really nice genuine guy off it. THROB!

The Looks: Sexy! Gorgeous! Handsome! Hot! Bald! Butch! Macho! WOOF!

The Bod: Famous for his huge watermelon delts from HELL and crazy cut to fuck quads, Pacman always competes in the most insanely shredded condition. Throw in the hottest, most awesome taste in sticky shiny posing trunks and we have a 300lb walking/talking/squeezing/flexing fucking orgasm on two (massive, shredded, freaky) legs!

2012 Contest History:

IFBB Flex Pro - 2nd
IFFB Arnold Classic - 4th
IFBB Mr Olympia - 11th

What you guys said:

totally worship pac man. has to be the most gorgeous, ripped, thick, muscled stallion on earth, with legs that defy every muscle god out there. By Anonymous

Man what a mountain of testosterone juiced up aggro hyper masculine godlike rippling muscle! He looks like a marine after some sex crazed muscle addicted scientist has had his way filling him up with roids and then let him free onto the world to satisfy our hunger for hugeness. By Anonymous

I was lucky enough to see this guy in the flesh (cough) recently and man he is all kinds of huge/beautiful in real life, just stunning. For those lads out there who love Ben, I'm LOVING your taste! By showmethemuscle


  1. OH ADDICT!!!!! just the words big ben or pacman gives me a hardon. this is by far the best of ben on one page. if i had a choice of one cock on earth to suck till i pass out, it would be his, but i would settle for licking the sweat and oil off his feet while he's grinding out his most magnificent muscular. oh, passing out at the thought. great, great post addict.

  2. Ben is one of the most worship worthy muscle men out there. Great post and diggin the shots of him pumped to perfection.

  3. For me Ben is my favourite out of the current crop of bodybuilders. He has an complete physique, no weak bodyparts. He has an X frame, ie broad shoulders, slim waist and flared quads (and calves to match) as opposed to the more common (but less desirable (in my opinion) Y shape).

    His most musculars are wicked (really good). Muscles just explode all over his body.
    Ben's most muscular

    Then there is this one, which enlarged is just mind-blowing
    Eye-popping most-muscular

    That kind of brutally fashioned, symmetrical muscularity, makes me go BOING everytime, and is a real inspiration to keep-fit. He may not be a pin-up type, but he certainly is the business when it comes to muscle.

    Hopefully with time more people will come to appreciate, what a spectacular physique he has crafted.



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