Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Thanks to everyone who voted in the "favourite bodybuilders of 2012" poll! The poll is now closed and I'll be revealing the top 10 guys throughout the month, giving each guy his own special post, along with some other, more regular posts in between to keep you guys on your beef loving toes! I can honestly say I love all of the top 10 guys so you all have excellent taste in fuck off huge, ripped to the bone, vein splattered, paper thin skinned, grainy as fucking fuck muscle monsters!! GRRRRR!! As always your awesome comments for these lads will be much appreciated! For now, following on from my "best of" post a few months ago, here's part 2 of some of what I think are the best pics posted on the blog, along with some of my personal favourites...

Link to my original "best of" post:


  1. some great shots here, especially the ever popular back bareass ripped glute shots, and some of my favorite heartstopping young, stunning, pumped, muscled studs like aled, cody, antoine and my newest, drop to my knees, tongue outstretched a mile DALLAS. great post as always addict. again i ask, have you considered morphing some of these stallions.

  2. Thanks MA another dick hard and balls blown. I know my place is lying at the feet of these superior muscle gods.

  3. The beauty of the male physique is only shown at its best when its done 100% without clothing. Screw the posing suits! My opinion: Pose naked as we were meant to be by the Creator! Personally, I'm not a bit embarassed to walk out on stage stripped bare for pre-judging and night show - just give me the chance!


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