Tuesday, 18 December 2012


In my last "muscle pic collection" post I confessed my love for huge thick shredded vein splattered quads! Usually I like to write something new and original for every post I do but since I only very recently explained my love for this particular body part/monstrous freaky tree trunk-esque wheels I'm going to do something rare (i.e. be a lazy bastard) and re-post my description...

The sight of a pair of huge wide thick freakishly shredded vein plastered tree trunk-esque quads with insane sweeps which flare out for miles, obscenely bright shiny posing trunk covered bulge buried deep in between them drives me fucking crazy!! It doesn’t happen very often, but one of the hottest moves bodybuilders can do on stage, for me, is wobble their fuck-off huge quads in preparation for a pose. The big meaty quad just wobbling and shaking from side to side like a thing possessed. WOBBLE WOBBLE WOBBLE…SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE…FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! I also love it when a muscle freak outrageously points to his big thick shredded tensed quad, as if directing the eyes of every member of the audience to focus on the freakiness of it, as if to say “get a load of THAT fuckers…freaky or what”? Even hotter is when a bodybuilder outlines the separation of the quad muscle with his finger, or, which is even rarer, does it to a fellow muscle freak on stage beside him! Just as fucking hot is when a roid bull cheekily feels/pats/wipes his hand over the big meaty “Quad of Doom” bulging off his fellow beef monster flexing beside him on stage! So damn fucking outrageous, cocky, and HOT!!


  1. thankyou addict. my lust for thick, veiny, granite hard, silky skinned, ripped, striated, superhuman, ultimate muscled man legs is beyond worship. to have this many monuments to human perfection on one page is awesome to say the least. thanks again.

  2. you just put words to my lust. quads for me come before any other body part. the wobble a la Jeff Schwartzer is a godsend! LOVE THAT HOT FUCKING MOVE! I wish more had the ability and control to do it so that it was a mandatory pose! Next on my list of lusted-over body parts are the calves. But quads ? totally #1!

    Thank you for that post ! now to do it some well deserved justice ! ;)

  3. this is great. i love great, powerful, muscled legs. the second thing i look at when muscled gods cum on stage. just look at those magnificent huge slabs of powerful muscle and those blocks of inner thigh muscle, like a steel vice and thick hard diamond calves. nothing proves he's a god like great legs. great post addict.

  4. Heres an example of what I mean
    Flared and full quads

    Flared, full (and vascular) quads

    These quads have great fullness, shape and they are shredded
    I'm loving the overall dominant nature of these pillars of power

    Erik has some of the best legs around, amazing
    Simply mega!!!

    The flared sweep just goes on and on in this shot, that and the vascularity, and the tight nature of those balls being confined by all that mass is a turn on.

    Oh yes, the flares and veins and full bodied quads just keep coming.
    Check the narrow waist and those terrific quads

    The way these mounds of beef just bulge out, and his entire musculature is full-bodied, not drawn out (or deflated). Not only does he have first class quads but stand-out calves too. The way the quads bulge out at the top, drawing attention to his gonads, further adds to this muscle feast for the eyes.
    Beef for muscle junkies

    The other attractive thing, is when the inner thighs rub together when they walk, and the nuts bounce up and down, because of the activities of the underlying quad muscles.

    Anonymous 20 December 2012, I'm in total agreemment with you.



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