Monday, 24 December 2012


Merry Christmas to all my fellow beef junkies. I thought I'd share with you what's on my Christmas list this year. I'm not getting my hopes up too high cause I'm not sure where Santa sits with the whole going crazy for huge nasty superhuman muscle freaks thing. I also hear he bases his present giving on some kind of list which he checks not once but twice, to see who's been naughty or nice?! That's me fucked!!

#1. A 21-24 year old All American bodybuilding muscle boy with the CUTEST fucking mush you've ever seen...big puppy dog eyes, gorgeous fucking smile, cute lil' features, boyish but masculine as fucking HELL...sporting the most outrageously horny mohawk (WOOF WOOF) and oh yeah...he also happens to be not only modestly big for a lad his age but ripped to fucking SHREDS and back! Choo-choo...all aboard the BEEF stop...RIPPED CITY!! Lines/grooves/cuts/separations you never knew existed...just shredded from hot mohawk sporting head to tan dripped toe!! Awesome lil' croquet ball shaped biceps which explode in veins when he flexes 'em, big boulder shoulders, full perfectly round pecs, cute lil' pinchable nipples, the HOTTEST set of washboard abs, a big thick set of quads with insane flares, and the most pantcreaming lil' beefy bottie blowing out of his indecently shiny, tiny as FOOK posing trunks! Slurp slurp fucking slurp!! And this pumped up cutie sure fucking knows how to pose! He just so happens to be THE cockiest fucking fucker you've ever seen in a juniour/collegiate bodybuilding category! Seriously...the tude on this lad. JESUS FRIG!! He stomps on stage like he's just swallowed a whole bottle of Cocky Pills...squeeeezing and flexing his pumped up boy beef so fucking HARD with the most shamelessly arrogant/cheeky/animated facial expressions...scrunching and squeezing that cutie pie mush...not to mention his fucking tongue which keeps popping out every 5 fucking minutes. Cocky lil' cutester!! Oh and he is just as cocky when he poses OFF stage the comfort of his front of the mirror (of course)! The lad cant tear himself away from his own reflection! He just stands there...pumped and ripped to buggery like a walking spunk soaked Kleenex tissue squeezing like his life depends on it, which obviously makes him horny as FUCK. ENTER ME!!

#2. A BIG BAD BALD BUTCH BRITISH BEEF MONSTER!! WOOOOOOF!! Hard as fucking bald as a boiled egg...and fucking MASSIVE!! Obscenely THICK juicy as fuck balloon-esque mounds of meat just exploding off every inch of him. The muscle looks like it's just hanging off the bones. His huge juicy pillow pecs twitch and bounce and dance with the slightest movement like they have a life of their own...his massive watermelon shoulders look cartoonishly big...his arms look like they're pumped with synthol...but they're not...they really are just fucking they explode either side of his sexy as hell, hyper fucking butch & oh-so-British mug! Phwooooarrrr!! And the veins!! Jesus Christ the veins!! You have NEVER seen arms so fucking vascular. It's like he has wires trapped under his fucking skin...which by the way is thinner than fucking tracing paper!! And the tude?? Awwww man!! This guy KNOWS he's a fucking freak. He literally is the NASTIEST cockiest hardest most arrogant fucker who ever stomped onto a bodybuilding stage. He just squeezes those balloons of beef so fucking HARD you fear he may go POP all over the stage...until you realise it's actually you that's gone POP *blush*!

#3. A fucking GORGEOUS, massively pumped Egyptian muscle hottie. Outrageously good/sexy/handsome looks...a hot butch bald head...heart melting smile...the most gorgeous caramel coloured skin...aged 28-35, mega fucking masculine but also looks like a bit of a soft lad sweetie pie...maybe even a hot little gruff goatee...and the most beautiful, smooth, aesthetic, symmetrical, big, stacked, shredded, juicy body! He'll pose and flex for you and let you explore every massive freaky smooth bronzed muscle...before fucking the life out of you and then'll wrap yourself around his meat mountain of a body...your arm wrapped round his huge hard abs as they pulsate up and down...your leg draped over his brick shit house quad...your head nestled in between his front lat and the side of big pumped pec...and he'll tenderly ruffle your hair and softly kiss your forehead as you fall into a deep sleep with the biggest/most satisfied/"is this a fucking dream or is this really happening" smile on your face.

#4. Failing that...any of the hot/cute/sexy/huge/monstrous/ripped/shredded muscle boys/roid monkeys/beef monsters below will do!

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  1. Holy FUCK mate--looks like Christmas came early! (So did I--there was simply no chance of getting through this hot as FUCK collection of ripped to fucking hell hotties without putting a lock on the door and absolutely going to town on my cock. BROINNNG *thwap thwap thwap*!). Jeezus, you really know how to push all my buttons. I think this is definitely your best collection YET mate. A fantastic early Christmas present--Santa's got NOTHING on you, mate. :)

  2. Sexy tough guy with tattoos on picture #17 is Juan Paul Garcia, gay bodybuilder from Spain. He's just damn FINE!

  3. Those are some cock exploding gifts! I was picturing Cody Lewis, Anth Bailes, and Ahmad Ashknani based on your hot-as-hell descriptions, even though Ahmad is not Egyptian. I guess I was just too naughty to receive everything on my wish list, oh well. Would've been so awkward being in front of my parents unwrapping nude bodybuilders, boybanders, and bears, oh my! lol XD


  4. TMA
    Christmas pudd, hasn't dulled your keen sense of sexyness, and highlighting all things sexy when it comes to muscle and men.

    As for Santa if he's into delivering world-class explosive, testosterone packed, muscle-bulging men, he's more than welcome. If he ain't we won't sweat it.

    Great descriptions, very hot... I loved every word of it.

    Can anyone please identify this guy
    Imho a sexy stud

    The guy reaks sexyness and tesosterone. Agreed he's not huge, but those traps, calves and veins popping out catch my eye. He's got decent legs, thick pecs and a devlish grimace (which turns-me on loads). I can imagine him with two little red horns on his head, not to mention the big horn between his legs.

    @ omfgmuscles - great description, highly sexual, thanks for posting.

    TMA, the man with the midas touch.

    It makes the mind-boggle and the cock twitch as to what you have in store for us in 2013. Have a good one mate.

  5. Great post as always, Addict!

    But I can't help but wonder why no posts on Jiri Berkovec? I find him to be one of the fuck-sexiest hunks if muscle man meat there is! Just a suggestion.

  6. i agree about jiri - he's hhhhot

  7. Jiri is unreal. WHOA!


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