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The sight of a pair of huge wide thick freakishly shredded vein plastered tree trunk-esque quads with insane sweeps which flare out for miles, obscenely bright shiny posing trunk covered bulge buried deep in between them drives me fucking crazy!! It doesn’t happen very often, but one of the hottest moves bodybuilders can do on stage, for me, is wobble their fuck-off huge quads in preparation for a pose. The big meaty quad just wobbling and shaking from side to side like a thing possessed. WOBBLE WOBBLE WOBBLE…SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE…FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! I also love it when a muscle freak outrageously points to his big thick shredded tensed quad, as if directing the eyes of every member of the audience to focus on the freakiness of it, as if to say “get a load of THAT fuckers…freaky or what”? Even hotter is when a bodybuilder outlines the separation of the quad muscle with his finger, or, which is even rarer, does it to a fellow muscle freak on stage beside him! Just as fucking hot is when a roid bull cheekily feels/pats/wipes his hand over the big meaty “Quad of Doom” bulging off his fellow beef monster flexing beside him on stage! So damn fucking outrageous, cocky, and HOT!!

Some muscle freaks past & presents with amazing quads: Michael Kefalianos, Paul “Quadzilla” Demayo, Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Branch Warren, Tom Platz, Nasser El Sonbaty, Daniel Toth, Baitollah Abbaspour, Ronnie Coleman, Trey Brewer.


This insanely hot pose has always been one of my favourites. Seeing a huge gorgeous roid stuffed beef monster turned to the side, his massive watermelon delts exploding out, his huge croquet ball shaped bicep almost ripping through his bronzed cling wrap skin, and of course, his huge smooth plump pumped freaky as fuck pecs bulging out for miles from his torso just sends me over the edge every fucking time!! It’s just an outrageously horny pose which beautifully shows off my favourite body part…huge monstrous juicy beefy deeply grooved chest exploding bouncing/twitching muscle tits!!

Current bodybuilders who look dangerously hot squeezing a side chest: Seth Feroce, Branch Warren, Anth Bailes, Johnnie Jackson, Eduardo Correa, Phil Heath.


I’ve said it before but I'll say it again, NOTHING (and I know I’m not alone here) turns me on more than muscle/huge freaky superhuman jacked shredded roided ripped muscle monsters/freaks/beasts/Gods with huge juicy full wide pecs which twitch and bounce at the slightest movement, massive skin stretching vein encrusted bowling ball biceps which explode up to the ceiling, massive melon shaped boulder shoulders which bulge out for days, huge shredded vein splattered quads which flare out for weeks, stacked cobblestone brick-like abs which crunch and pop out of the owners stomach and big hard nasty freakishly striated glutes which devour and gobble up any posing trunk material lucky enough to make contact with them, caked in deep dark shiny tan, sporting obscenely colourful bright shiny teenie tiny cock ball and glute hugging posing trunks, flexing/pumping/sweating/squeezing while pulling the cockiest, most outrageous facial expressions and acting like superior/arrogant/aggressive/OTT cocky animals! FUCK! WOOF! SLURP! SPURT! SPUNK! SPLAT!

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  1. First of all, thanks a lot for this unique blog giving bodybuilders the place they deserve, Muscleaddict ; pics and their comments are always perfect.
    In § 10, you say clearly what we do not often hear : huge muscle monsters are not usual guys and nobody expects them to be so but arrogant, superior, cocky, aggressive GODS.

    A former competitive bodybuilder

  2. Wow I have to agree with the first comment coming from a former competitive bodybuilder, this blog definitely gives bodybuilders the attention they deserve! Completely agree with the arrogant, cocky, aggressive gods thing, so cool to know that the muscle men themselves see it that way too, I love their attitude!

  3. addict, wish you could find more pics of RASCIEL CASTRO. he has to be one of the hottest, young, gorgeous, muscled, latin stallions of earth. that shower pic of him, totally carved out of marble and his pecs and big brown nipples is a instant load shot. thanks and another great post.

  4. Hey M.A. for God's sake have mercy. I'm afraid of drying up here! But then I seem to recharge. The picture of Vaillant in his superman underpants (how appropriate!) with BAM! printed on his arse nearly sent me crazy.I loved the black and white one of him - crazy arm on a big big handsome guy! And who are the two guys pinching each others tits? And yes! Rasciel Castro has nipples to die for. But seriously (at last) these men are extraordinary.Such is their achievement one is left asking why they are not more famous that the appear tp be. At least we can give them the homage they deserve.

  5. Man I wanna meet the former competitive bodybuilder who posted the first comment! It's true that these guys need something like this blog that puts them where they belong. I love how the sport freaks so many people out and for that very same reason has legions of muscle-mad adoring fans! These muscle monsters are definitely arrogant, cocky, superior gods, and we know it!!!


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