Sunday, 9 December 2012


In this batch of insanely hot videos, a Hungarian muscle God poses backstage, an Egyptian beef hottie flexes for the camera, a Brazilian beauty/beast struts his stuff at a show, a Greek muscle daddy pumps up and poses, and a bunch of uber-cocky American teen bodybuilding cutie-bums let rip on stage....

Uber-hot Hungarian bodybuilder Zoltan Voros pumps, poses, flexes and stands around backstage at a show looking like some kind of orgasm in human form, caked in deep dark gorgeous tan to perfection, pumped to fuck and back, huge smooth marble-esque beef bulging all over the shop wearing the hottest pair of shiny silver posing trunks! Not only is this guy dangerously fucking handsome but has a bucket load of awesome/hot/cheeky charm and personality. There's outrageous winking & cheeky/laddish thumbs up to the camera, insanely hot pec bouncing and loads of gorgeous smiles and cocky facial expressions as he's showing off his huge pumped mighty muscle...and it's all done with an air of real attitude/arrogance/"yeah I'm shit fucking hot and I know it". You ain't fucking wrong mate!

Young Egyptian bodybuilder Osama Ashour = living/breathing/walking/talking/flexing/squeezing spunk soaked Kleenex tissue!! Here he is ripped to the fucking bone and looking freaky as fucking fuck flexing and posing in a pair of black tiny posers, his cocky/awesome/arrogant tude shining through. His buddie even manages to cop a cheeky feel and puts his hands on the beefy goods at one point. The dirty (and fucking lucky) bastard!

Ripped! Shredded! Huge! Freaky! Nasty! Hot! Handsome! MONSTER! Just some of the (many) words to describe Brazilian beast Eduardo Correa. Here he is at this year's 2012 Prague Pro in one of the best shapes and conditions I think I've ever seen him in. What the fuck must be going through his mind when he's flexing those massively pumped cling wrap skin encased biceps and crunching those freaky as fuck cream worthy abdominals, the crowd going fucking mental, the feeling of being an absolute monstrous freak of muscle nature, the knowledge that there's a ton of guys out there creaming off at the mere fucking sight of him??

An epic 13 minute video of Greek muscle daddy supreme Mike Kefalianos pumping up, waddling around and posing for the camera with his meathead muscle buddies. Check out his monstrous fucking back bulging and bursting out of that camo vest. Jesus fucking FUCK!! He even has a few outbursts of awesome laddy/daddy cockiness, like at 13:25 when he outrageously sticks his tongue out to the camera with that dirty/hot/uber fucking sexy look on his daddy-esque mush. Phwoooarrr!! You cheeky bugger Mike! Awesome! Cocky! Outrageous! Oh...and damn fucking HOT!!

And from big bald nasty uber-cute American teen ripped to buggery muscle teens!! A preview vid/trailer for this years 2012 NPC Teen & Collegiate show from Repetrope, which I recently bought/downloaded and FUCK ME it does not disappoint. So many fucking uber-hot pretty boys and cutie-bums ripped and shredded to the fucking Heavens and back, flexing and squeezing and letting rip on stage with so much fucking 'tude and cockiness!! Tongues popping out every 5 fucking minutes...nasty/cocky facial expressions being pulled...paper thin skin stretched so much you fear it might rip...ripped up teen muscle flexing and squeezing..bulging and exploding...crunching and rippling...FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK!!!

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