Wednesday, 28 November 2012


It's probably the most under rated pose, but the image of a roid pumped beefed up muscle monster turned to his side with his arm twisted, big meaty tricep popping out, his smooth thick marble-esque pecs bulging off his chest and his stacked shredded brick-like abs popping out of his stomach is enough to plummet any self respecting muscle junkie into a year long cum coma!!

I've now done a post dedicated to every bodybuilding pose! I'm not sure if I will do a 2nd post (4th in the case of the Most Muscular pose) for each one as I have a ton of other ideas for posts, but I will no doubt do some for at least a few! So guys, I'm asking *you* what pose you want me to feature again on the blog. You can vote below, and I will do a post on the most popular pose over the next couple of months...

Links to my other bodybuilding poses posts...



  1. I adore this pose mostly because bloated guts are always nicely visible in this position. Something about that juice and meat popping out all over the place with hard muscles of steel underneath that gets me hard in an instant.

    Whichever post you decide to do next you're bound to make our underwear wet and stretchy.

  2. among this collection of side tri poses, all of whom are total worship meat, the two that stand out to me are branch with his massive veiny marble slabs of muscle and able to show the most powerful and huge legs flexed beyond the brink and then there is the ultimate lust dream PETER leaning back enough to showcase his luscious carved pecs, obliques and abs knowing how many of us would die to wear out our tongue on his living, breathing man sculpture. great post addict as always.

  3. What a fucking CRIMINALLY underrated pose, considering it encourages some hot-ass facial expressions like no other! I mean, who WOULDN'T scrunch and screw up their face to fucking hell / grimace and snarl in determination when you've got to (simultaneously) push out your thick tricep as far as it'll go like BAM while puffing out your marble-smooth bowling ball pecs like POW MOTHERFUCKA while squeezing out your air to get those abs poppin' out as TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT as they can fucking get like WHEEEEEEZE FUCK YEAHHHHH while keeping those eye-poppingly enormous quads tensed to show off that corded muscle like GRRRRRR?? I don't want to know the bodybuilder who wouldn't!!

    Nice fuckin' pick of the day too, Addict. BOIIINNNNGGGGGG.

  4. I personally like the “X” shape on a guy. Broad shoulders, narrow waist and large flaring quads.
    The side-tricep pose, displays this from the side kind of giving the figure “8” to the body. You get the thick traps, broad pecs, big delts, triceps hanging down (the upper arm), tapering down to a small waist. Then flared quads, and well developed ass, giving rise to prominent calves.
    Baitollah Abbaspour
    Branch Warren
    Jason Huh
    Seth Feroce
    (Wow, what an attractive snarl Seth has).

    All (of the above) have those qualities.

  5. Damn hot as fuck post of this muscle pose. This pose shows off those massive, tounge worthy slabs of pec muscle as good as any. Not to mention the massive quads and glutes of these muscle gods. As a muscle worshipper exttreme, this post had me hard in an instant. Fuck!

  6. @Omfgmuscles, man what a comment! That is a totally spot on, INSANE description of these guys squeezing and flexing out the shots, like JEEZ can this sport get any freakier, like FUCK my underpants are wet, HELL YEAH!

  7. Some awesome comments being posted here, thanks lads, but I have to agree with the above! "omfgmuscles"..FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!! How bloody awesome/inventive/crazy fucking HOT was that comment?! My eyes were popping out my head and I was grinning from ear to ear/trap to trap (grrrr) reading it!

    Oh and fucking hot is that shot of Mark Dugdale squeezing that skin stretching, ab crunching, muscle popping abs & thighs, the most outrageously cocky/animated/OTT arrogant expression on his ridiculously handsome mush! Looks like he downed a whole bottle of "cocky pills" before hitting the stage. The other thing I love about that pic are the insanely hot freaky as fuck veins running across his right lat! What a FREAK!

  8. Side triceps! Yeah!!! This fan was blown away by Gerry Crampton on the cover of Health and Strength in the 50's - he had to go to the gym after seeing it. Great post. Molnar has it - great triceps, intercostals, abs and that tiny waist and those stringy posers. I'm so glad that my lifelong obsession still stokes me up and raises steam in the old boiler!!!


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