Monday, 26 November 2012


JAKE NIKOLOPOULOS!! FUCK. ME. GENTLY!! What an adorably cute handsome sexy ripped up beef packed roid stuffed muscle boy STUD!! Look at that yummy charmingly boyish mush and that adorable cheeky chappie smile. THROB! Look at those big slabs of hard boy beef hanging off his bones. BOING! Look at those deep thick juicy muscle tits exploding off his chest. FUCK!

As hot as Jake is, there's a few things I think he could change which would make him even hotter! For starters the hair! It's not that there's anything wrong with Jake's, but imagine him with some uber hot/funky/laddish Cody Lewis-style mohawk?!! OH MOMMA!! A cutie bum like Jake could really pull it off and he'd look as HOT as fucking fuck with it.

Then there's the posers. You probably all know about my absolute disgust/obsession with velvet trunks (JUST. FUCK. OFF) so you can imagine my thoughts on those hideous purple things he's sporting. Someone needs to fly to Melbourne, find out where Jake lives, break into his house, steal those purple monstrosities and replace them with some teenie tiny, hot as fuck, shiny as shit, obscenely bright colourful (preferably green, pruple, pink or gold) glute devouring rubber-y slurpers!

And lastly there's the tude! Ok we know for a FACT Jake's got it in him to be a cocky little spunkster. Check out the stage pics of him for evidence, especially the one of him with his hands on the top of his quads...slamming down for a beef exploding Most Muscular..that cute mush arrogantly scrunched to fuck as if to say "hell yeah fuckers...I'm shit fucking hot and I know it"! But it's clear from the rest of the pics it's a pretty rare moment and he only really saves it for the stage. Just one question Jake...WHY?? How fucking HOT would it be to see Jake really cranking up the 'tude in those gym and bedroom/hotel room shots?? Standing there, eyes closed, face arrogantly scrunched up, either with his mouth aggressively wide open, or his tongue outrageously sticking flat out like the cockiest fucking fucker who ever squeezed into a pair of (non-velvet) posing trunks?!!

If you missed my original Jake post, then click your muscle loving finger here, and if you're already very well familiar with this sexy little beef hottie, feast your beef worshipping eyes on these...

Link to my original Jake post:



  1. My eyes are completely fixed on that gorgeous sweaty trainer in tights (25th photo). Oh yes, and Jake has a nice body.

  2. yes addict, i've agreed every time about those stupid velvet posers, but jake's young adorable, handsome, thick, carved, straited, muscles make up for it. wish he would borrow aled barry's blue tiny string pouch posers, or better yet the two of them posedown with no posers, raining sweat and totally, TOTALLY HARD. love tasteful TATS and jake's are beautiful, accents that huge, young cannonball delt and that young massive trap slab of luscious muscle. could use the snapped chain or barbed wire tat around his young, full, hard, beautiful biceps. anyway, he's young and gorgeous. another great post addict.

  3. I love the unselfconscious way these guys sometimes pose in their underpants. Don't they realise?! The underwear shows certain attributes off soooo well. No! but seriously! this is one superb specimen altogether - great legs and quads and a handsome bugger too.
    I too hate velvet posers - the shinier and skimpier the bigger the turn on. Woof!

  4. Jake is one pumped and massive muscle stud. The hotel bedroom poses are fuckin hot showing his massively juiced pecs, his incredible quads, and his grapefruit size delts. I agree with you Addict that is Tude could be enhanced with a wicked mohawk, and also a couple more strategically tats. Hope you follow this stud as he progresses in the muscle ranks.

  5. Just to add insult to injury...the velvet posers in the video have some sparkle in them...r u kidding me??? WTF. JAKE IS AN INCREDIBLE YOUNG MASSIVE YOUNG MAN. I look forward to watching him continue to grow and become a world class bodybuilder. And what about the placement on the 55 tag?

  6. this one is quick and to the point. YOUNG!!!!!HANDSOME!!!!!!MUSCLES!!!!!MAN!!!!!STUD!!!!! what else is there. great post addict. gorgeous muscled stud.

  7. MA you got me wet again buddy. I held off as long as I could but that hotel pic of Jake busting out his traps/lats/triceps....and white socks....pure cum streams. How can this young man be so thick and cut and thick and cut?? I'm hard again.


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