Thursday, 1 November 2012




Is there anything hotter than the image of a huge roided up muscle freak man beast throwing his ridiculously pumped arms behind the back of his head and then slamming down on his crunched stacked brick-like abs, which pop out so far they’re practically in the audience? Bowling ball biceps exploding either side of the muscle bull’s head, freakishly big cut to fuck crazy defined tree trunk-esque wheels on full, beautiful display, nipples tweaking out, obscenely bright shiny as shit roid dick covered posing trunk bulge buried in between those fuck-off monstrous quads. Even better is when muscle freaks squeeze this insanely horny pose with an arrogant/cocky grimace or expression, or even fucking hotter, accompany the pose with an outrageously cocky grunt or yell. FUUUUUUCK!!!

Current bodybuilders who look insane squeezing an abs & thighs: Eduardo Correa, James Flex Lewis, Branch Warren, Baitollah Abbspour, Johnnie Jackson.


I’ve said it before on the blog….bodybuilders who grunt/groan/scream/shout/yell when squeezing their ripped shredded superhuman man beef on stage drive me fucking CRAZY!! It’s just the absolute ultimate move in displays of outrageous, hyper-masculine cockiness and arrogance! It’s just so fucking unnecessary, there’s only one reason why bodybuilders do it, and that’s to draw even more attention to themselves! I also love it when one guy is particularly noisy during comparisons, and it seems to set the other bodybuilders off, and it almost becomes a pissing contest, who can shout and scream the loudest and make the most outrageous noises when they hit their poses. There’s a shit load of examples of this over on YouTube and it just does it for me every fucking time!! Grrrrrr!! Raaaaaarrr!! YEEEAHH!!

Outrageously noisy bodybuilders (past and present): Jay Cutler, Gustavo Baddell, Ben Pakulski, Evan Centopani, Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, Melvin Anthony, Craig Titus, King Kamali, Alex Dos Anjos, Kevin Levrone.

To be continued…


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  1. You've really outdone yourself this time, addict!! Nothing on this planet hotter than A) ripped up jacked grainy as fuck bodybuilders crunching down on their brick-like abs, hissing to get the last bit of air out to showcase their deep-ass cuts in their midsections or B) roided up muscles bulls grunting and groaning while displaying their pumped as fuck bods for the world to drool over! GRRR HYEAH HA-RUMF!! Fuck! Keep up the good work matie!

    1. omfgmuscles, like that super hot big muscle crazed comment. This post was filled with hot muscle bulls pumped to excess. Fuck yeah!

  2. yes, yes, yes!!!!! the hands behind the head, grunting, groaning, grinding out the ultimate FLEX with hot stage lights boiling their sweat drenched luscious beyond the realm super human muscled male perfection. wish you would do a crab pose with tongue out collection addict. when ben does that, i cream for days. great post addict, your the best.

  3. yea tongues, of course big beautiful ben's tongue, big handsome frank mcgraft, and one of the sexiest tongues on a handsome, rugged, muscled male would have to be rob krieder, to name a few. great post addict.

  4. Love Justin Lovato's poser !!!

  5. since you don't mind suggestions addict, because i've said it a hundred times, you are the master, another idea would be a collection of lunge poses. young muscled stallions posing down with their thick, carved, beautiful legs stretched out and the most beautiful view of their thick hard seam bursting man buldge of any pose. instant CUM splatter pose. thanks addict, as always, your the best.

  6. Hi mate...that's Andrey Skoromnyy, Russian bodybuilder! I did a few posts on him a while back :)

  7. Thanks for this perfect blog, Addict; go on more and more outrageous .YEAHH, add only noisy , cocky ,superhuman bodybuilders here, we don´t need the other ones ! ;arrogant huge muscle gods posing abs and thighs ,groaning cause they know their power and superiority, that´s all about it. YEAAAHH !


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