Monday, 19 November 2012


I've posted a couple of pics of young Hungarian cutie bum muscle boy Istvan Polyak on the blog before, but I thought it was about time I gave this lad his own post. Every time I see a pic of Istvan's gorgeous/yummy/adorable/cuter than CUTE (word of warning..I may use that word a fair few times in this post) mush I just have the sudden urge to reach into my pc screen and pinch his cheeks. And YES, I mean the ones on his face (you dirty minded buggers), although to be fair, if he offered up the ones on his beefy little shiny posing trunk encased gym pumped bootie I wouldn't exactly say no either *blushes the colour of a post box*. So that's the uber cute (I *did* warn you) mush covered, so what else do we like about Istvan? Hmmm...oh yeah...LOOK AT THAT BOD!! Beefy lil' bugger ain't he?? Delts sticking out for miles...arms exploding out for days...the hottest pair of ripped up wheels...the cutest little set of abs...and of course, a hot little beefy bootie which seems determined to swallow up those poor posing trunks of his. Ok God I know I havn't exactly lived my life as a saint up until now, but I promise the rest of my life will be lead as an exact replica of Mother Theresas if you fix it for me to come back as Istvan's favourite pair of tiny shiny glute hugging posing trunks in my next life *blushes the colour of....oh fuck it, who am I kidding...I'm not embarrased in the fucking slightest! If someone told me most of the lads in Hungary were as gorgeous and beefy as Istvan, I'd quit my job and immigrate there tomorow. Anyone wanna join me??

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  1. we have to share cumming back as istvan's posers addict. we'll take turns being the front and back of his posers so we can both get our daily intake of sodium, soaking up his luscious, young, CUTE, butch, adorable, tanned, pumped, oiled muscle SWEAT raining down on us and grunts, screams and moans they here are us fighting over who get the most of this young gorgeous muscle stud. then as a bonus he loans us to ALED BARRY. there you go again addict, another pair of wet shorts. great post. can you tell i seam to love these two gods.

  2. when you thought they couldn't do beter than peter molnar, here is his young muscle buddy. he's to adorable for words. just look at that young, stunning smile, his thick young carved full muscles, and every pose, his young gorgeous rutting rail pushes straight out to drive any muscle worshipper crazy. great YOUNG muscle dream addict. hope you CUM up with more young gods.

  3. CUTE as in i love young, muscled, cute, adorable smile, skimpy posers with a young raging rod, so you found my dream boy addict. just look at how full and thick this young muscle stud is. WOOOOOOF!!!!!!!

  4. Mmmm. Cute doesn't really do it for me. Or maybe? He's ripped and there's a nice bulge in those posers! But I want to be overwhelmed and freaked out and dominated which is why the previous post of Art did it for me. Now that really is spunkalicious!!

  5. Good to see my muscle bater-brothers are cumming as much as I am to this young muscle beef.

  6. fuck, i love your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks to you i discovered aled barry and now istván. i've been jizzing over them over and over and over again....

    keep them cummin!
    greetings from horny prague


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