Wednesday, 14 November 2012


ANTH BAILES = BIGGEST AND BEST BODYBUILDER IN BRITAIN!! 2012 has been an incredible year for this big bald rough butch hard as fucking nails looking beef monster come gorgeous pretty eyed nice lad/mountain of huge thick pumped INSANELY vascular marble-esque ripped to the fucking bone BEEF/awesome self-named British bodybuilding muscle FREAK!! After winning the 2012 NABBA Worlds, last month he won the UKBFF Bodybuilding Championships in Manchester and turned PRO!! I was so fucking chuffed for Anth when he got his pro card. Everything about him..the look, the bod, the outrageously cocky nickname, the "RIPPED FREAK" brand/clothing, the personality he presents, all just makes for a top quality, hugely loveable, hot as fucking FUCK and off the scale awesome bodybuilder.

If you missed my original Anth post a few months back, or you just wanna re-fresh your memory click here. I know there's a few Anth fans who check the blog but I don't feel as if he gets anywhere near the kind of love & appreciation he deserves so I want at least 5 comments from you guys praising this insanely awesome mass of huge hard veiny freaky superhuman man beef!! Come on lads...don't let me down!!

Link to my original Anth post:


  1. don't worry addict o'l boy, when it CUMS to anth, that gorgeous, thick, ripped, straited, butch, adorable, freak of male perfection you can count on me. i said when you posted him before they should crown him ROYAL MUSCLE STALLION. he's one i had to drain myself before i could write a comment. hope you get more comments on this ultimate male god.

  2. What is it they say about the cream of the crop rising to the top? He deserves his overdue success, and the attention he has been receiving.

    Yeah, he has loads of dense and vascular muscle, especially on his upper body, and that glassy stare and deep set eyes make him creamable.

    I think that makes 3 left ...

  3. Only 2 comments so far?? What a fucking CRIME! Any self-respecting muscle worshipper should be sharing their love/lust for this pumped up bald RIPPED FREAK gruff tuff macho-with-a-soft-side-but-hard-as-fuck-everything-ELSE gorgeous baldie brute!! GO ON MY SON, LET'S 'AVE IT!! Grrrrrr-UFF!!!!!

  4. yea!!!! cream of the crop, and my crop creams every time i watch him posing, flexing, grunting, and grinding his hunk, hard, full, thick, granite muscles on stage with the most muscleman confidence around. don't you just drool and shoot at the words muscleman, bodybuilder, muscleboy, musclehead, man of muscle, etc. love ya addict for all the time you devote to our lust.

  5. Just lost another load looking at this amazing muscle god.

  6. And I got my 5 comments!! Hehe...thanks lads! Although I still don't think this is even half of what this big rough tough mass of gorgeous macho bald Brit BEEF deserves!! Look at that drop dead gorgeous smile!! Look at those big pretty peepers he calls his eyes!! Look at that HARD pumped thick fucking MASS!! Look at those fucking VEINS!! The idea of any muscle lover NOT going crazy for this guy just defies all fucking logic for me! There is something really special about Anth...even if only a few of us can see it.

    Thanks again lads..oh and "omfgmuscles" your description was bloody brilliant (as always). Grrrrrr-UFF in-fuckin-deed mate!! WOOFITY WOOF WOOF!! THROB THROB THROB!! BOB'S YOUR BLEEDIN' UNCLE!!

  7. What an amazing muscle god. So ripped and huge, makes me want to get down on my knees and worship him. Massive cum monster!


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