Sunday, 4 November 2012


What I love about American muscle boy Nick Trigili...

  • The ridiculously gorgeous, uber-cute, sexy as hell, handsome as fuck, All American pretty boy looks. THROB!
  • The awesome/cocky/pumped 'tude he brings whenever he steps on stage tanned up to the eyeballs in shredded condition, wearing nothing but his glute gobbling posing trunks, grimacing and screwing his gorgeous face up into all kinds of outrageously cocky expressions. AWESOME!!
  • The huge JACKED shredded ripped mountain of pumped up roid injected boy beef that is his bod, complete with MASSIVE guns, stacked abs, monstrous barn door back, freakishly vein splattered tree trunk-esque quads, and a pant creaming pair of glutes which seem to get bigger, hotter, harder and more striated with every show he competes in. FUCK YEAH!!!
And what I *don't* like about Nick Trigili...
  • 2 words: VELVET! TRUNKS!

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  1. I think Nick Trigili has one of the best American builds actually but he must to enter more defined for doing shows.
    I wish him he gets the Procard next year as he wishes himself.
    He poses very well on stage and he knows how to pose his build on stage.

  2. YUMMMMM!!!!! big boy nick. young, yum, cute, yum, butch, yum, massive, yum, thick, yum, vascular, yum, striated, yum, big,thick,young,long,massive,veiny LEGS, yum,yum,yum!!!!!! what asshole advises a young gorgeous super god to wear those army blanket velvet posers. should be taken out and beat, and let me beat nick's meat. great post addict.

  3. No doubt he is amazing, with top rated genetics. He has also improved his physique and he is only 23 years old. He seems to be making all the right moves and is going from "strength-to-strengh". Wow, is all I can say in admiration. Such beauty and grace.


  4. Great selection of pics as ever, this guy is hot as hell. Have to agree though : Guys. Please. Step AWAY from the velvet trunks!! They are just not right for this sport, smooth, slick n shiny is the ONLY way to go with your posers. The End!

  5. I agree with everyone concerning the velvet trunks, but if any muscleboy can make them look good, then Nick is the one!! That next-to-the-last photo of Nick showing off his big tight ass in those second-skin grey trunks is to fucking die for. Nick looks like he's posing privately for a potential muscle sponsor, trying to give him a good look at what he's got to offer a guy who's willing to pay bigtime for the chance to get close to this sexy young STUD and check out his progress. Nick knows all about muscle worship and how easy it is to get a guy hooked. All it takes is a few minutes of flexing that powerful, masculine muscle ASS in a man's face and Nick can get anything he wants. Anything at all.

  6. I lost it watching that video. The man is a GOD. And yes Ive heard he does muscle worship too.

  7. True cocksmen...loose the velvet posers.

  8. Great post of a hot super sexy muscle god. That super massive cut muscle freak back and ass would keep me entertained for days.

  9. This young musclegod makes me cum every time I look at him. I'm helpless.


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