Sunday, 7 October 2012


PHIL HEATH = THE OFFICIAL BIGGEST AND BEST BODYBUILDER IN THE WORLD TODAY!! Phil fought off competition from Kai Greene and took the Mr O title for the 2nd year running last weekend in Las Vegas. The first three words which come to mind when I think of Phil are: ABSOLUTE. FUCKING. MONSTER!! Phil is a genuine FREAK. A mountain of insanely HUGE thick juicy bulbous shredded MASS which just bulges and explodes from his torso in every possible direction. It’s not just his beautiful superhuman mass of beef I love. Phil also happens to be the most awesome/outrageously cocky/superior/attitude pumped poser when he’s squeezing his shredded mass on stage, pulling the craziest, cockiest facial expressions and aggressively opening his mouth wide he looks as if he’s about to gobble up the nearest audience member or judge whole. I recently saw the trailer for the new bodybuilding film documentary “Generation Iron” which included Phil making the most awesome statement ““I’m gonna feel like a true Adonis man…like a GOD”! HELL YEAH!! How fucking awesome is that?? I love it when bodybuilders talk frankly and honestly about how it feels to be a monster. Behold this insanely HOT superior, inhuman muscle monster/GOD (his word not mine) in all his awesome glory…


  1. Two times winner MR.OLYMPIA.He's the best but JAY CUTLER is a great PROBB too and a good dude.
    We'll see next Mr.O who will be the winner of the big show.

  2. Two times winner Mr.O.Great build and great dude.
    We'll see next Mr.O who'll be the winner him or JAY.
    I'm glad because he won SHERU CLASSIC for the second time as he wished.

  3. Like you said on-stage presence is important. You can't just meekly go on stage and hit your standard, static poses and tip-toe off at the end of your routine. You've got to give it some "attitude" (or some "welly" as some might say), to be noticed.

    I really like the way he scrunches his mush. Hence I like these photos best from those which you've posted.

    Fearsome snarl, (and a great jaw) to go with a good physique

    and this one

    Ecstatic grimace.

    Thanks Muscle Addict (TMA).

    1. Thanks so much for your words.You're right about you're talking about.

  4. Great post M.A. The dvd at the end makes it clear just how great Heath is. He is magnificent in size, musculature and proportion as well as presentation. I just cream myself over black bodybuilders - the colour is yummy and heath has just the right amount of oil with those sexy little posers disappearing into the mountain ranges of hot muscle.One negative which may seem surprising, but re pic 27 what have Jesu and copulation got to do with it?


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