Tuesday, 2 October 2012




GLUTES! ARSE! ASS! JUICY BOOTIES! BEEFY BOTTIES! Is there *anything* hotter than seeing a huge hard freaky striated to fuck pair of glutes on a bodybuilder eating/gobbling/swallowing up the shiny bright fabric of their posers, or a huge juicy plump rump you could balance a fucking beer glass on blowing out of a pair of outrageously coloured trunks?! I love it when bodybuilders draw attention to their beef buns on stage by manually tucking the back of their posers into their arse crack, doing outrageous little squats, and pointing, touching up/SLAPPING their huge hard nasty man glutes. Out-fuckin-rageous and unbelievably fucking HOT!!

Current bodybuilders with amazing glutes: James Flex Lewis, Phil Heath, Michael Kefaliaons, Mohammed Salama, Ramy Moh Elspiey, Baitollah Abbaspour, Peter Molnar, Daniel Toth, Miha Zupin.


For me, it’s the ultimate bodybuilding pose. I just fucking love the image of a huge shredded inhuman muscle freak squeezing out a massive low down monster Most Muscular, big melon traps exploding up to the earlobes, everything seemingly tripling in size, veins erupting all over their huge freaky beef, skin so paper thing you fear it might rip. It’s also the pose where bodybuilders typically crank up the attitude the most. I love it when a juiced up roid bull just lets rip and acts like an absolute fucking animal while squeezing out their MM’s, screwing up their faces into the most outrageously cocky expressions you’ve ever seen, or aggressively opening their mouths wide as they squeeze their freaky man meat. Better still, but less common, is when a superhuman beef bull accompanies their Most Musculars with a big loud, outrageous/arrogant/aggressive grunt, groan, scream, shout or yell like a fucking animal. FUCK YEAH!!

Some current muscle freaks who squeeze out the best/cockiest/hottest Most Musculars: Phil Heath, Johnnie Jackson, James Flex Lewis, Evan Centopani, Dave Henry, Branch Warren, Ben Pakulski.

To be continued…

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  1. Only just found your site but it's fucking awesome. Great to have some background text with the posts; I think the same thing is going through all our minds.

  2. YES,YES,YES, their so inhumanly thick, hard, pumped, oiled, tanned and raining luscious muscle sweat, that just standing there they can't stop flexing, then the hottest of all is the tongue when their grinding out their (my pants are wet) most muscular ultimate man meat pose. your details of our dreams are always great addict.

  3. WOW! What a great way to wake up in the morning! All the Muscle!!! Love this site!!!

  4. Thanks lads!! Loving these awesome comments & all the love for the site ;)

    Anonymous - I'm with you 100%, seeing a bodybuilder sticking out his tongue when squeezing out a massive Most Muscular (or any pose when I come to think of it) gets me every fucking time! It's just so fucking cocky and HOT!! I wonder what it would take to make it mandatory that every bodybuilder competing in a show *has* to outrageously stick out his tongue during at least 1 Most Muscular in his routine?!

  5. OMG YEA!!!! BIG BEN in all his young magnificent muscled glory grinding out that MOST GORGEOUS MUSCULAR pose with his young muscled stallion man tongue raging and rutting and his incrediable moans. can there be anything HOTTER. he is at the top of the instant load shooting list. great job addict as always. just think of all loads you've caused since your back.

  6. MuscleAddict
    A few questions and points I have

    1) Who is this guy Very symmetrical dude
    I won't talk about his good facial looks. More about his hard, tight, symmetrical physique. Excellent delts, small waist, and big legs. In my opinion he's amazing. He only lacks some size, but given that he is very young and has dieted down for competition is very understandable. Do you have any more pics of him?

    2) And this guy Classy mature bull;
    This guy is seriously spunky. He has good legs, tight abs, rock hard arms and delts and a tough aggressive face, with a large furry jaw line. I'd really like to see him spill a load. He's so hot, but that would be open to the public though. He is seriously sexy in my eyes. Any idea who he is? Any chance of more pics of him?

    Thanks MuscleAddict for good pics and hot opinion.

    Another point I'd like to add if I may. Posers must display any moisture. So if a guy is dripping sweat, and it gathers around his posers (wether be it at the front of behind) the better, they will cling more to his granite ass, formed by hours of excruciating leg work in the gym. Also if the bodybuilders are so turned on by striking most musculars (or by the audience, or being viewed or seeing other jacked men with semi hard-on's flexing for all they are worth), and ooze pre-cum, and that is visible (extra marks should be awarded for "committment").

    1. Hey oceej..the 1st guy you asked about is Roman Fritz, German bodybuilder, absolutely gorgeous lad and amazing physique! The 2nd guy/big butch bald gruff beef bastard is Yuri Leonov from Russia. I'm sure I'll post more pics of them again. Theres some pretty aesome vids on Youtube of both these guys.

  7. Totally agree with that about the posers displaying moisture! If a guy is dripping with sweat, as most of them do when they're flexing for all they're worth, it should always run down onto his posers and either soak into them, or if the posers are the really slick and shiny kind, just trickle on down over the back or front. Definitely agree on the extra marks for 'commitment' too, guys keep your number tag to the side so we can see what's goin' on with your posers!

  8. Thanks Anonymous (@ 5 October 2012 08.59). It's nice to know that I'm not the only one.

    MuscleAddict, I forgot to ask. "Muscle Pic of the day", is that Cody Lewis' back? Whoever it belongs to, those traps and spinal erectors are wicked.

    1. Yep, pic of the day is/was Cody Lewis! I've got some awesome new shots of Cody so I'll definitely be doing another post on him soon! ;)

    2. Hey oceej, you're definitely not the only one on the posers thing. I reckon these guys should be actively looking to get the pre oozing through their posers to make them look even better. Doesn't matter if they're enjoying seeing other guys flex or just turning themselves on, just go for it!


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