Friday, 5 October 2012


Last weekend James Flex Lewis was crowned the champion of the 212 class of this years Mr Olympia. I have a real affection for Flex, mostly because I remember When Flex came on to the bodybuilding scene as an amateur teen/junior bodybuilder in 2003/04 (I even saw him guest pose at the IFBB British Grand Prix in London), I loved him back then and I've watched him grow into the ripped pro bodybuilding beef monster he is today.

Flex always competes in the most amazingly shredded condition. Size for days, massive biceps, jaw dropping calves & the most amazing set of wheels all contribute to Flex's awesome physique. He's such a sexy looking guy too, handsome in his own special way and extremely masculine, he also has a real boyish charm even though he's now approaching his thirties! He's a cocky little fucker too. I just love his attitude on stage, loads of awesome cocky expressions & cheeky tongue pulling! And yet, I've seen/read interviews & footage of Flex when he's not squeezed into his obscenely bright posing trunks & squeezing his monstrously pumped 200+ lbs of huge shredded meat and he comes across as the nicest, most down to Earth guy. A cocky 'tude filled animal on stage, and an absolute sweetheart off the stage. The perfect bodybuilder!!

And oh yeah..there's another reason I happen to love Flex. He has one of THE hardest/hottest/nastiest most freakishly striated asses in the business!! Every time he moves/tenses/flexes I fear the shiny tiny fabric of his posing trunks will just get completely devoured by those incredible glutes!!

Appreciate/love/worship/adore this cute sexy adorable hot butch macho laddish mountain of ripped shredded cut huge man beef who also happens to be the best bodybuilder from Great Britain in the last decade...

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  1. OOOOH MY GOD!!!!! yes, his most muscular tongue pose and my tongue stroking his young thick striated carved granite glutes, and don't forget a pair of the most magnificent thick heavy carved muscle slabbed legs out there muscle worshipland. great post addict.

  2. He is great and deserves his success and all that goes with it.

    'A' grade genetics, excellent symmetry (mo major weaknesses, good density and good stage presence. His muscle groups flow so well into one another, which many other bodybuilders lack.

    He really struck gold when he chose bodybuilding as his forte.

    From this post these are my favourite pictures you posted.
    Fantastic form, and well placed confidence

    and this one

    Stunning when relaxed, and so sexy in this shot

    A truly worthy champion.

    Thanks MuscleAddict.

  3. Flex has really hit the genetic jackpot. Love him both as an offseason MOUNTAIN and in ripped to fucking hell contest shape, particularly when he scrunches up that cute face while rocking a big ab/thigh or most muscular. Keep up the good work, addict.

  4. Some great mouth-open and tongue shots.
    Love stills of the medal hanging off his pecs.

    Thanks for this.

  5. It would be an honor to get down in front of this handsome, masculine stud and bury my face in that powerful bulge he's showing off in those tight, revealing blue posers. All he has to do is spread his legs wide, thrust his sexy hips forward, and I would lick and suck that irresistable bulging meat and stroke his tight, rockhard ass for as long as he needed.

  6. flex can hype gaspari nutrition all he body gets his size without tons of hgh, steroids blood doping & other "performance enhancers..." NOBODY...

  7. looks like rich gaspari's had some nip/tuck facelift surgery...


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