Wednesday, 24 October 2012


One of THE hottest muscle daddies in bodybuilding at the moment is the monstrous mountain of macho man meat Michael Kefalianos. I love everything about this Greek muscle daddy monstrosity! The uber-masculine, gruff sexy as hell daddy-esque looks, the big bald butch sexy head, the silver chains he wears, the cheeky/charming/playful/laddish posing and attitude which occasionally dips into outrageous displays of cockiness/arrogance (see here for evidence), and oh yeah, the mountain of fucking BRUTAL huge hard pumped shredded meat he has the cheek to call his body, including those explosive bowling ball biceps which threaten to rip his gorgeous paper thin olive skin every time he flexes them, that phenomenal planet of a back, the insane cut to fuck quads and not forgetting that big plump juicy daddy ass which just EXPLODES out of his posing trunks!!

Michael clearly loves squeezing said munchable ass (that thing could feed a family of 5 for a week) into his posing trunks and flexing his obscenely pumped man beef on stage because he competes in just about every major pro bodybuilding contest going. This year alone he's strutted his stuff at the Mr Olympia, the 2012 FIBO, the Sheru Classic, the IFBB Australian Grand Prix, and the Arnold Classic, amongst others. His best placing being at the IFBB Mr Europe where he beat the likes of Johnnie Jackson and Baitollah Abbaspour to 1st place.

Respect/appreciate/like/love/go nuts over/bow down and worship this MASS of super-pumped shredded beast-like uber-sexy Greek daddy-esque muscle!!

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  1. Great collection of phoos! Have to recognize that every man would like to look this way. But to achieve such level you ahve to work hard for a long time. Along with this you should take steroids, a si'm pretty sure that all of these bodybuilders are on chemicals.

  2. I gotta say this massive slab of prime muscle beef is one of my favorite Bodybuilders! Muscleaddict you seem to say whatever I'm thinking! Great job with this site!!!

  3. Well said Muscleaddict. MICHAEL KEFALIANOS sports some fantastic muscle bellies.

  4. This hot Greek musclegod was posing directly next to me in the posedown at the FIBO contest this year. When I shouted YEAH! he shook my hand. I almost came in my pants!!

  5. Michael K, is indeed worthy of all the praise and respect you have heaped upon his big broad shoulders.

    It's hard for me to decide which of the photos are my favs, I've managed to narrow it down to these

    This I liked because he looks impressively masculine. The shaved head, the stuble, the ear ring & chain, the thick muscles and veins make him look so hot.

    Michael looking immense

    His hotness is not restricted to his upper body.

    He has built a well-balanced physique, from all angles.
    No neglected body parts.

    After much pondering, I think this is my favourite amongst this post. He's magnificent, such definition, fullness, and conditioning, on all muscle groups. Hams (often neglected muscle group), to make you take second look, to match the rest of him.

    Top notch competitor


  6. A big fan of his. I'm especially honored that he wrote to me and asked to be on my Facebook friend's list. The BB pics of him are great, but seeing him pictured in real life just enjoying himself with family and friends shows the softer side to an otherwise rock solid Greek god!


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