Thursday, 18 October 2012


You guys love my glutes posts and I aim to please, so here we go with another pic collection of huge hard nasty freaky striated bodybuilding glutes..some bare naked, others blowing out of/stretching/devouring/gobbling/swallowing up/leaving sweat marks on shiny tiny bright colourful posing trunks!!

A few personal favourite pics from this collection: the first pic of French beef hottie Greg Bogaert cheekily pulling down his shorts to reveal his bare naked ass. Check out the awesome, freaky striations on the right cheek. Woof!! The 2nd pic of American cutie Matt Burzacott, butt fucking naked and squeezing a back double bi! That has to be one the cutest little beefy butts I've seen in a long time. Adorable and crazy hot!! The 3rd pic...the nasty freaky striated beef bum of hot Iranian bodybuilder Baitollah Abbaspour peeking out of his posing trunks (shame they're black and boring as fuck).

The 4th pic...some outrageously sweaty pumped up muscle cutie indecently sticking out his beefy bottie. Think he might need a towel or something! Sweaty little fucker!! The 5th pic..insanely hot Arabic muscle monster Ramy Moh Elspiey with his big juicy bootie sticking out for miles. God DAMN that is one hot muscled ass!! Those shiny blue posing trunks just don't stand a fucking chance of staying in place do they?? The 9th pic..British bodybuilder Thomas Young tanned and ripped in what looks like a hotel room, presumably ready to hit the stage to compete. Look at that delicious munchable ass gobbling up those poor fucking posing trunks!! And lastly, the 17th pic of Slovakian muscle freak Miha Zupin who is the proud owner of one of the THE hottest, juiciest, nastiest pair of beefy buns in the business. GOD I FUCKING LOVE GLUTES!!!

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  1. oh yes addict, the glute posts are always a cum drainer. i love young, and matt burzacott is one of the most adorable, young, thick, muscled, gorgeous big boys out there. oh the thought of him saying go ahead and see if you can get your tongue in there while i keep squeezing. OMG!!!!! great post as always.

  2. hey muscle addict great job on the glutes post i love the glutes post you put and this one is no different!!! please let know when you put the veins post have your tongue run across some thick veins is very hot!!! but the glutes aint bad either!!! great work!!!

  3. Glute posts cum drainer is right! Wish I was on me knees with my face buried in these Muscle perfection asses!!!

  4. OMG, matt is young total worship on my knees clinging to his young musclegod legs forcing my face in between his super hard muscled glutes tasting every muscleman fiber while he keeps flexing and moaning and tasteing every drop of muscle sweat draining down the crack of his shredded ass. cum draining post for sure addict.

  5. I absolutely love these posts. Matt B. is a long-time favorite...more of him if possible. Thanks!

  6. For me my favourite pic amongst all of these goodies has to be this one:

    Studly-ness on display

    This is my favourite on many levels, the well shaped back with streams of man sweat running down it.

    The gathering of the sweat by his clingy posers.

    The well developed and well shaped ass, whose musculature and shape can't be concealed by the flimsy attempt of the posers to present the wearer as being 'decent'. The beef shines through.

    His well developed hams and quads.

    Totally slurp worthy.

    My next favourite pic was this one
    Beautiful ripped man ass

    Beefy, and lean, rugged and defined, strong and erotic, hard as nails. Great picture. (Is it Tom Young?) Whoever the owner is, has crafted some fine buns and legs to match.

    Just gets me on the rise, ;-)



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