Friday, 12 October 2012


I used to go to France every year when I was a kid, but I *never* saw anyone, or anything, even closely resembling any of the BEEF MONSTERS below!!

There's beef of all kinds in this collection of French muscle beasts. There's the young, ridiciuously cute, pretty boy muscle brothers Greg and Ludovic Bogaert, pro bodybuilder Alexandre Nataf who is put simply just a monstrous mountain of huge thick BEEF, and also happens to be a bit of a cutie with it, big butch gruff sexy daddy Christian Lacoche, not so pretty but still insanely HOT David Gasser, freakishly vascular muscle hottie Luc Molines and the big butch bald BEAST that is Frederic Sauvage.

What's French for "What a fucking bunch of huge hot sexy ripped shredded superhuman spunk inducing muscle freaks"??

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