Tuesday, 30 October 2012


A year ago I'd never heard of insanely hot Iranian bodybuilder Baitollah Abbaspour, and now he's one of the most talked about muscle freaks of the moment (he’s gone from ‘who the fuck?!’ to ‘let’s fuck!’ in about 2 months) and has been competing in some of the biggest bodybuilding shows alongside (and often beating) some of the most well known established pro monsters. Baitollah has just had the most incredible year, he took 4th place at the FIBO Power Pro & Nordic Pro Championships, and a slightly better 3rd place at the IFBB Mr. Europe Pro. He even made his Olympia debut, where, predictably he placed low. Some people are saying he should enter the 212 wight category next year where he could potentially do some serious damage, and I have to say I agree.

I just can't get enough of this adorably cute, pretty eyed handsome mountain of mass at the moment! The bod is just BRUTAL. Massive slabs of smooth hard cut to fuck pumped roided freaky-ass BEEF..big wide full luscious pecs..stacked cobblestone-like abs popping out so much they look like they're trying to burst through his bronzed paper thin skin..the most MASSIVE pair of fucking guns..crazy-ass freakishly conditioned wheels that flare out for fucking miles and the hottest hardest striated walnut cracking ASS which makes every effort to completely devour his shiny silky posing trunks presumably for the benefit of muscle nuts like us!

Put simply...I WANT HIS BABIES and I want them NOW! LOOK at those fucking EYES! LOOK at that fucking ASS! LOOK at those fucking GUNS! LOOK at those fucking TITS! Basically, just LOOK!

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