Friday, 26 October 2012


One of the biggest bodybuilding events this year was the 2012 FIBO in Germany back in April, which included an IFBB Pro Championship competition, featuring some of the hottest bodybuilders from around the globe. The 2 most high profile monsters being the mountain of huge plump thick American BEEF Johnnie Jackson who beat the Greek muscle daddy supreme Michael Kefalianos to first place. It was also the first show of many this year for uber-hot Iranian bodybuilder Baitollah Abbaspour who has had an incredible year and made a real name for himself on the bodybuilding circuit (and with muscle fans) for being a ripped up shredded amazingly conditioned, not to mention insanely fucking HOT muscle freak!!

It was a great show for showcasing some awesome European pro bodybuilders, with the likes of Hungarian beast Daniel Toth, big butch bald ridiculously sexy German beast Steve Benthin, the absolute fucking FREAK that is Finnish monster Jari "Bull" Mentula, and huge hot handsome mountain of macho meat Tomas Bures from Czech Republic (see pic 5) all squeezing into their shiny sweaty posing trunks and strutting their stuff on stage.

Other competitors included Russian beef bull Sergey Shelestov in the most amazing condition, the big nasty arrogant looking shredded to the bone beef hottie Firas Saied (pic 8), the ball of bald butch American daddy-esque beef Lee Powell (pic 11) and insanely hot heavily tattooed ridiculously handsome muscle freak Santana Anderson.

Which one of these roid beasts/beef bulls/muscle freaks from HELL is *your* favourite??


  1. DANI TOTH FOR SURE!!!!! young, adorable, thick, massive, grainy slabs of rock hard muscle squezzing, flexing and luscious muscle sweat drenching and soaking his muscle pouch with a glorious muscleman scent I can smell and taste from here. just my humble worship the man GODS opinion. great post addict as always.

  2. The trouble is, MA, that even with the labels at the end of the post some of your dedicated fans can't put names to all the photos! Any solution? This was a fantastic post and my vote goes to competitor 12 - who he? Fantastic delts and a sexy bald head (just like you love it) and a nice expression. The right combination of mass and shape. Yum yum! Yeah he really did it for me - I'm exhilerated and exhausted all at the same time -wonder why.

    1. Hey Anonymous..competitor 12 is Tomas Bures...insanely hot/handsome bodybuilder from Czech Republic! I put links in the names of most of the guys in the intro of the post, and the others who I hadn't previously featured I tried to make it easier to identify by putting (see pic 5) etc. after their names.


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