Sunday, 2 September 2012


Bad news muscle fans! I'm going away for a little while so I'll be taking a short break from the blog. I've been thinking of doing this post for a while & I wanted to leave you guys with something special so here it is...some of, what I think, are the best pics to have featured on the blog since I started it, almost a year ago now! Along with some links to some of my most popular/viewed, and personal favourite posts.

Keep checking back, keep leaving those awesome comments and I'll see you guys soon...

Links to some of my most popular/viewed, and personal favourite posts:


  1. Absence will make the heart grow fonder. In our case, will make one's bollocks be weighed down by an accumulation of spunk, waiting to be released at the site of hand-picked (by yourself) prime muscled studs flexing for all the world to witness the physical brawn and might.

    Hope you have a good and well deserved break. Thank you for all your quality posts, and I look forward to having you back.

  2. Well! I for one will trawl the posts you've left us and have no intention pf allowing any spunk build-up! Have a well deserved break M.A. We look forward to your return and to new right-handed challenges!

  3. I remember some of your first posts with comments in the photos. I was like is this guy my clone? It was totally arousing (it still is) and from that moment I knew this was the blog to watch. You provided us with some of the best bodybuilder photos and accompanying text I have never read anywhere else. That's what really sets this blog apart from any other blog. It's obvious you're totally into it. You want to please the crowd while giving yourself a chance to share the world what you like.

    You deserve a break M.A. and don't worry. This is one subscriber that will not go away. I'll be saving cum in my tight ballsack for your next post :)

  4. I nearly fainted at the first pic. It cannot be real, surely? Who is he?

    I've only recently discovered this blog and I love it. Sometimes I find your introductions hotter than the pics.

    Enjoy your break but please don't stay away too long!

  5. from one of your loyal muscle lusting, briefs stretching, balls loaded, cocked, and shooting fans, I hope you have a great and safe time away. you really deserve it addict. gook luck!!!!!!!

  6. cum baaaaaaack :)))) hope your having a great holiday but we all miss your muscle loven beef cake blogs..........

  7. ......billiant site,yes totally addicted alright,now desparate to know if there are muscle addict dvds avaiable?...huge,pro.types being undressed and worshipped at home/hotelroom setting....even walking around posing,fully errect the ultimate!....please email,with thanks.


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