Thursday, 13 September 2012


Hey muscle junkies! Just wanted to say a huge thanks for all the lovely messages & comments left while I was away. I had an amazing time but you'll be pleased to know..I'm back & ready to give you guys exactly what you want/need...MONSTROUS SUPERHUMAN ANIMAL-ESQUE ROID FREAKS ripped up to their eyeballs & roided up to their arseholes flexing and squeezing and grunting and sweating in their teenie tiny shiny outrageously colourful glute gobbling posing trunks for guys like us to love worship envy & adore!

Let the huge freaky BEEF fest commence...


#1. PECS

PECS! MUSCLE TITS! BEEFY BOOBS! I fucking love ’em!! Hands down my favourite body part on a muscle freak, they’ve got to be HUGE, thick and juicy. Bonus points if they’re also plastered in freaky nasty veins! Pecs so fucking big you can balance a dinner plate on them…tits with a Grand Canyon-rivalling groove so fucking deep you could bury your hand in it…boobs so fucking big they twitch and move at the slightest fucking movement!! I also fucking LOVE to see huge freaky muscle tits bouncing like two fucking puppies in a sack. It’s such an incredibly horny image. Up goes the right pec: BISH. Up goes the left pec: BASH. Up goes the right pec again: BOSH!!

Some muscle freaks past & presents with amazing pecs: Art Atwood (RIP), Alexey Lesukov, Phil Heath, Markus Ruhl, Johnnie Jackson.


I fucking LOVE posing trunks!! Bright, shiny, tiny, sticky, sweaty posing trunks clinging to/getting gobbled/swallowed up by a huge pair of fuck off juicy glutes. WOOF!! Trunks so outrageously bright and shiny you need sunglasses to look directly at them…posers with straps thinner than fucking dental floss which look like they’re about to snap at any given moment to reveal the bare huge freaky hard striated ass of the muscle beast! I also fucking HATE it when guys were those velvety trunks. Whoever is responsible for creating those should be fucking SHOT. They’ve gotta be that shiny sticky wet look material and they’ve got to be shiny as shit, paper thin and look about three sizes too small. SLURP!!

Favourite posing trunk colours: Lime green (nasty and tacky), bright genie green, bright baby metallic blue, wet look black, silver, the colour of the owners national flag (outrageous), shiny as shit GOLD *bites fist*!


For me, the way a bodybuilder poses & the attitude he adopts on stage has a huge part to play in how hot I find him. In fact I’d say it’s often more important than a guys look & body. If a bodybuilder isn’t necessarily the best looking guy, or the biggest or most ripped, but just has the most awesome/outrageously cocky style of posing and rips up the stage like a fucking ANIMAL I am fucking sold. I LOVE cocky/arrogant/cheeky/playful/animated posers! Guys who hit the stage really fucking PUMPED and really go for it, give it fucking HELL as they let rip and squeeze their huge freaky tan drenched roid beef!! A couple of things which can send a muscle freak flying off the Spunk-O-Meter = outrageously sticking out his tongue as he’s hitting his poses..screwing/scrunching up his face into all sorts of cocky/awesome/animated expressions…arrogantly opening his mouth wide as he squeezes the beef/hits the poses…shouting/screaming/groaning/yelling/grunting as he flexes his huge freaky man meat…basically acting like a cocky/nasty shit hot arrogant animal who *knows* there’s guys out their creaming their boy beans at the mere fucking thought of them.

A few of the best/cockiest/most outrageous/arrogant posers (past and present): Mike Matarazzo, Johnnie Jackson, Phil Heath, Kevin Levrone, Art Atwood, Melvin Anthony, Craig Titus, Gustavo Badell, Robert Burneika, Evan Centopani, Ben Pakulski (the list goes on)!

To be continued…

Links to my previous pic collection posts:


  1. Welcome baaaaaack you muscle worship king so glad your back ....... Bring on as much beef as you can fill a tight muscle shirt in ..... LoVe a roid beast in a tight full tshirt or muscle shirt:))))

  2. Agree with the above. You are like the King of the muscle worshippers!!!

    I have to say sometimes I struggle with some of the words and language you use but the way you talk about muscle and your descriptions are just brilliant. So funny, witty and oh yeah, so hot!!! That and the great pictures you use is what makes this one of the best muscle sites on the web.

    Welcome back muscleaddict, you have been missed.

  3. yes addict, good lord WELCUM BACK!!!! your descriptions as usual are right on. posing trunks especially, those velvet ones should be outlawed. love the string posers in a flesh color or yellow or most of all white so as their grinding, flexing and sweating out those gorgeous poses that muscled meat pouch gets soaked with sweat and you can see the rim of that lucious slab of muscled male meat. thanks addict, your the best.


    love your posting about posers and i have to confess that it's one of the reasons why i started working out years ago - and my mantra then and today remains the same: MASSIVELY MAXED-OUT MUSCLE IN UBER MINIMAL POSERS = ME!

    like you, i find "Bright, shiny, tiny, sticky, sweaty posing trunks clinging to/getting gobbled/swallowed up by a huge pair of fuck off juicy glutes. WOOF!!" - and especially so these days, when the back of the posers are either seamed or gathered! and not only should the back of the posers appear to disappear into one's buttcrack, the front of the posers - the pouch - needs to be equally minimal - cupping one's genitals and nothing else! and the word "ENCAPSULATE" comes to mind, which most dictionaries define as "to enclose in or as if in a capsule" - which s what i feel 100 percent is what the pouch of one's posers needs to do and nothing else!

    and you are so right in saying that "Trunks so outrageously bright and shiny you need sunglasses to look directly at them" - my personal belief is that the more outrageous brighter colors gives me the edge over my fellow competitors, it draws attention to me and in a contest, that's one of the psychological tools i use to set myself apart from the rest of the pack! is it an unfair edge? DAMN RIGHT it is - and i am always flabbergasted that most bodybuilders do not understand this concept, even at the PRO level!

    and yes, "posers with straps thinner than fucking dental floss which look like they’re about to snap at any given moment to reveal the bare huge freaky hard striated ass of the muscle beast!" - which unfortunately in recent contest, we are not seeing as much of! there seems to be trend to go for sides that are one inch or more - which i feel is ludicrous, as it restricts the bodybuilder from properly showing off ALL of his hard work! i am with you - posers need to be two dental floss like sides connecting a very abbreviated isosceles triangle for the back (preferably seamed down the middle and gathered as well) and the pouch should look like a codpiece and nothing else!

    and as to your gripe about "those velvety trunks" - you are so on mark with that and i totally concur with your statement that "Whoever is responsible for creating those should be fucking SHOT" - shot and decapitated and quartered! the fabric is so bulky, not to mention that it reminds me of curtains and ballgowns - and they have no place onstage at any bodybuilding show!

    and again you've hit the nail on the head - "They’ve gotta be that shiny sticky wet look material and they’ve got to be shiny as shit, paper thin and look about three sizes too small. SLURP!!" - if only more bodybuilders read your blog, there would an epiphany in the bodybuilding world!

    and now on to your fav colors "Lime green (nasty and tacky)" - which i totally concur with, the vibrancy of the color serves to both compliment and complement the deep darkness of one's tan, as well as shows off one's musculature to the fullest!

    so i thought i would share with you some pics...

    here's an older pair of my lime green posers:

    and here's a bonus pic:


    just saw this vid and thought of you, especially your narrative "tiny, sticky, sweaty posing trunks clinging to/getting gobbled/swallowed up by a huge pair of fuck off juicy glutes. WOOF!!"


    check out this other asian FREAK...
    while he's not as juiced as me, i like how he sets himself apart from his fellow competitors with his mohawk, deep tan and his surprisingly minimal posers in that brilliant and vibrant yellow/gold color

    and here he is again, this time he's put on more size and is more cut and he's obviously embraced juicing - check out his bitchnips...i also like how he once again not only has a mohawk, but he's also dyed it platinum blond, which compliments and complements surprisingly well with his gold posers (the posers are cut very well in the front - the pouch covers just barely covers him, while allowing him to show off most of his muscles...the back however, is much too baggy)


    orazio salvatori loves shiny posers...

    and in this vid, he shows how posers SHOULD BE WORN - cut low, cupping and pouching the cock and balls and nothing more...doesn't hurt that red is always considered a power color either

    like how the pouched front and the shiny fabric allows you to see the entire outline of his cock in this silver posers he's wearing...the back however, needs some major modification - i've always insisted that my poser-maker put a seam in the back to both accentuate and delineate my glutes and my ass

    gold looks great on him! and this time, the back is cut a little less full

    talk about going GREEN - he wears it well

    and back to red again

    and here's a fairly recent vid of him


    i like it when a caucasian bodybuilder is either so deeply tanned or has been slathered with innumerable layers of protan - that he appears so dark that you have to do a double take to determine his ethnicity - or BOTH as in the case of this guest poser...his insanely dark tan both compliments and complements his choice of fabric for his posers - conversely, the bright red, shiny, wetlook, metallic fabric really emphasizes his deepness and darkness of his tan...that said, the cut of his posers, is way too conservative to really show off all the hard work he has put into developing his physique...nonetheless, he does look great!

    IFBB Pro Rob Belisle, Guest Posing at the 2011 ABBA Alberta Provincial Bodybuilding Championships. part 1 of 2

    IFBB Pro Rob Belisle, Guest Posing at the 2011 ABBA Alberta Provincial Bodybuilding Championships. part 2 of 2


    dennis guisto does the same here - tanned to an unbelievably deep mahogany brown, paired with a shiny pair of silver, shiny posers


    here's will and his very very very shiny green and perfectly minimally pouched posers


    here's the vid, while the front (pouch) looks great, the back of his posers however, looks like granny pants!


    have you seen Dave Titterton's pouch?

    -love the angle that the vids are shot allows you to see how the pouch of his posers is cut - ultra low

    -also love his choice of color and fabric

    -one suggestion would be that the sides be thinner


    i know it's not shiny or bright but have you seen this vid entitled "Bodybuilder pops out on stage. Bodybuilders' dick comes over top of posers on stage"?

    before you watch it, here are some comments posted from this vid:

    "At about 42 and 54 second can see."

    "At first I wondered if it was a legitimate bodybuilding posing display. Some of the most sensual moves on a stage I've seen. And with a suit that micro, I am surprised it really didn't pop out. Who is he? Where is he?"

    "It's not that obvious and he did not seem to be embarrassed by it. Just the viewers' luck, I guess. Anyway, I'm impressed by his 'sportsmanship'. LOL"

    "Well what do you expect with those tiny posing trunks? thanks for posting"


    PS he looks very different now - he's turned into a massively offseason roidmonster - he's on youtube as:

    1. This roided Argentinian off-season beast Diego Raschio is incredible. I want a guy like that. Nope, scratch that. I want to look like that!


    think you might like art atwood's shiny blue posers!


    these following bodybuilders exemplify the way the front/pouch of posers should look like - cut low, and tight and contains the cocka dn balls and nothing else!

    mark dugdale

    markus ruhl

    hidetada yamagishi
    hide likes hiking the 1/4" sides of his posers up for his front lat spread and i wish sometimes, they would break, furthermore that motion also makes his pouch more abbreviated...check out 2:24


    you mentioned that you liked it when "the colour of the owners national flag (outrageous)" was on their posers, and here's the "Belgium winner at the NAC world championships 2009"

    and of course GERMAN GIANT markus ruhl in his german flag:

  15. Thanks for all the comments, links & vids RR. Are you a fan of posing trunks by any chance?!! Hehe. Im especially loving the ones of that big bald fucker Orazio Salvatori and Dave Titterton!

    I have a feeling you might like this post (if you havn't seen already)...


    you're WELL-CUMMED - i trust you've survived from my rather innumerable comments! and YES, YES, YES - posers are as i mentioned in my first comment, and i reiterate here, posers are "one of the reasons why i started working out years ago - and my mantra then and today remains the same: MASSIVELY MAXED-OUT MUSCLE IN UBER MINIMAL POSERS = ME!

    yes both dave and orazio are favs for me too! and thanks for the link to see aled barry - who, while his posers are good, does nothing for me personally, i tend to favor the more matured set, preferably if they exhibit freakier juiced and jacked physiques!

    and here is my last contribution today -


    check out 0:43 when wong hong makes his first appearance in this vid
    and then he resurfaces again at 1:28
    and the pièce de résistance is at 1:59
    and his final appearance is at 3:12

  17. great to see you're back addict, we all missed you. now, please check out the most magnificent young muscled stallion to cum along in anyones memory, DALLAS MCCARVER, winner of the 2012 north american, at only 21 and only a year and a half of training, beat the likes of cody, nick and dan decker. he is the young, gorgeous, butch, handsome, thick, muscled dream of a lifetime. thanks addict and again welcum back.

    1. Thanks dude! I like Dallas..he's a cutie and has an awesome body on him. I might do a post on him soon but there's not a huge amount of pics of him around sadly.

  18. when it cums to wearing posers it's the young muscle bull s. aaron clark in his royal blue posers, pouch stretched over his young raging muscled man rail, and his back poses, pulling those posers in between those massive straited slabs of lickable glutes. he has to get off knowing he drives us nuts, and aled barry, the best posers yet, that tiny pouch held by two streads, and that string tucked in the crack of that lucious young muscle butt. OOOOOOH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! addict your posers comment gets rave rewiews.

    1. Fuck yes!! Awesome taste in posing trunks. LOVE Aarons shiny as fuck royal blue trunks buried in between those two massive quads..shining away. And Aled's metallic blue trunks are just outrageous...obscenenly tiny straps...gobbled up at the back by his big juicy boy glutes. Brad Rowe also often wears similar bright blue shiny trunks. Grrrrrr!!

      Thanks dude..Ive had quite a few messages about my posing trunk well as the comments here. Seems to have struck a nerve with quite a few people!


      you mentioned that "I've had quite a few messages about my posing trunk well as the comments here. Seems to have struck a nerve with quite a few people!"

      well maybe you could share with us some of the feedback you've gotten - POSERS AADICTS like myself would love to hear the feedback!


    3. RR mostly just guys saying how much they agree with what I've said!

  19. #3 is my favorite, it does'nt matter the muscles size if a man has an arrogant attitud. Tensing a visible muscle every five minutes and looking to you if you notice it. Woww. Or talking as alpha male about his power. In a interview Dwayne Johnson was asked if he has fear to big animals like in the movie Journey 2, and this hyper/masculine/giant said that his girlfriend scares him. The interviewer insisted if he has fear to snakes or lions. And the two meter, muscular, sexy man, wide opening his eyes says his is The Lion, The Beast. That make me tremble and feel a knot in my throat. Desiring to be dominated by The Rock....
    Cockiness has the power to increase hotness
    look this sexy blond

  20. Welcome back MuscleAddict!
    What a return, really powerful stuff. I can further understand why we missed you so much.

    Things I really enjoyed about this post.

    1) Great commentary especially the posing trunks section and the cocky/ arrogant posing section. One thing I might like to add. I love it when they are so engaged in posing, they drip with sweat, that along with the flexing, grunting and rippling of muscles is unbelievably hot. However, I would like say, I don't want the lighting to be turned up or the heating turned up to encourage that. Those that naturally sweat please feel free to sweat. It gets even hotter, when the sweat gathers around their posers. That is so mouth-wateringly tasty.

    2) So many of my favs gathered in one post, Jewell, Huh, Trigili, VAillant,(Adam) Charlton, Skoromnyy, (Cody) Lewis, (Flex) Lewis and one hot black and white photo of some unknown spunkster. My favourite was of Cody in the toilet of a plane(with his pants on). He was all scrunched up, and his mass looked even more amazing, along with his cutesy face.

    It didn't end there.

    RR re-emerged with his characteristic single-minded upfront, detailed intensity. I loved every word of his post.I loved his self-desciption (which is where he agrees with what you said and applies it to himself ending in "=ME" , that looks more like syntax than a statement of affirmation (maybe I've been staring at the screen to long, excuse

    @ RR, please post more. I enjoyed the pics of your posers. Can I be cheeky enough to request you post a picture of you in your briefs (minus the head or even upper body to guarantee anonymity)? I would love to see how your legs and glutes fill those briefs. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say...

    @ MuscleAddict, your powerful descriptions and opinions had my dick pulsing like it was being squeezed and it wasn't. I didn't realise you had such power.

    Keep it up and thank you for churning out such quality posts.

    1. OCEEJ19:

      as usual, you are so complimentary with your comments - THANK YOU for your feedback and your analysis of my comments to MUSCLE ADDICT's GREAT post! and no, you have not been looking at the screen for too long - i would love to reiterate my personal mantra, that YES OCEEJ19, "MASSIVELY MAXED-OUT MUSCLE IN UBER MINIMAL POSERS = ME" ie RR!

      and no you're not being "cheeky" in asking for a pic of me in my POSERS. i looked thru my pics and the only one i could find of that particular cut and style is unfortunately a not-so-clear pic that was taken years ago AND it was also one in silver - hope you won't be disappointed! but here it is:

      and yes you're right " Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say..." which is why i got off my ass and decided to embrace bodybuilding and discover the bodybuilder within me. once again, i always look forward to hearing your feedback and thank you for taking the time to comment on my comments! i really appreciate that!


    2. RR (Royd).
      Thanks for the picture. You've got some great density happening there. I love the way the thighs are jammed against each other, and you've got overall definition, vascularity and size. You can't ask for more than that.

      Great stuff, I checked out your profile and you have some blogs happening. I like Royd Roided, and will be sure to check that one out in future.

      Thanks for the picture, I wasn't even expecting a reply yet alone a picture, and I'm not disappointed one bit.

      I wouldn't say that I'm all that complimentary, but I think it is better to say something positive than negative. Otherwise, I just stay silent.

      Thanks for your time and (of course, thanks MuscleAddict).


    3. Hey oceej..awesome comments from you as always! I'm almost at a loss as to what to say in response to your compliments..especially how you described the kind of effect my descriptions/opinions had on you (mental and fucking awesome)!! I feel whatever I *do* say won't really do justice to how much I appreciate them but just know...I really do and your comments are always a very welcome addition to the blog!!

      As for the unknown "spunkster" (hehe) in the black & white photo he's an American guy called Robert Youells who I might be doing a post on at some point!

  21. RR that pic you posted is of Troy Alves a very high profile pro bodybuilder who I m pretty sure is married

  22. MuscleAddict, a big thanks to you. For me at least, it is always interesting to know what the thought processes are (at least of some of them) of what the author/owner of this blog likes and thinks. The pictures are great, but what does the author really like? What does he really think? What are his opinions? You've turned me onto aspects of bodybuilding I had never really considered before. Attitude, on-stage presence, hair-cut/design.

    When you get that appreciation, it takes you into a whole other level of MMA (male muscle appreciation).

    Thanks for identifying the black and white post. Mr Youell's reminds me facially a bit of Jerry Osi (of Finland). A tasty Finnish beefcake, if ever I saw one.

    Before, I forget, I sent you an e-mail some months back about Lubomir, I guess with your leave and now getting back it must have been lost or forgotten about. Shoot me an e-mail, should you ever get the opportunity.

    I came across some hot Irish beef recently, Tommy Staunton and Dean Hoban. (Dean reminds me of Dave Guest, but he has a smaller waist than Dave, which enhances his aesethics). Ireland may be a "small" nation, but they have their fair share of strapping studs.

    Oh, whatever happened to ShowMeTheMuscle, he is so upfront and outrageous. The dude has a way with words.


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