Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I wasn't originally going to do a post on, or even mention the fact that the blog has been running for a year today, but one of your post comments (from pak00 so you have him to thank if you like this post) gave me the idea to do something a bit different/special and kind of persuaded me otherwise, and I think it's kind of worth it. I know it’s probably *slightly* geeky to celebrate the birthday/anniversary of a website and I probably won’t make a habit of it, but FUCK IT…let’s get our beef loving geek on and celebrate a year of huge freaky massive nasty cocky arrogant monstrous thick dense ripped cut shredded superhuman roided muscle GODS with big juicy bouncing muscle tits, rippling stacked cobblestone abs, huge fuck off tree trunk-esque quads, massive boulder door frame destroying delts, huge skin stretching bowling ball biceps, monstrous planet-esque backs and hard nasty striated glutes, squeezing flexing sweating pumping grunting and groaning in nothing but outrageously coloured, indecently tiny, obscenely shiny posing trunks for all us muscle junkies/addicts/lovers to worship/love/adore and obsess/go nuts/cream our jeans/spunk our fucking lungs over!!

I thought I’d share with you a couple of reasons as to why I LOVE doing this blog so much. One of them being how much it just enhances my love/obsession for huge freaky muscle! Except for a relationship I have with another certain fellow muscle addict, nothing does that for me more than doing this blog!

And then there’s the reaction/feedback the blog gets from you guys!! To say I’m flattered, and often overwhelmed, by some of the things you say about my posts/intros/descriptions, choice of pics and just the blog itself in general would be an understatement!! I’ve had messages from guys telling me that they’ve cum, not from looking at the pics on the blog, but just by reading my descriptions and I really can’t think of a more amazing compliment!! The idea of guys being turned on that much by my opinions/something I’ve written is just fucking mental!! I also kind of love the idea that there are guys out there loving the blog and checking it religiously (not sure if that's actually true but a nice thought all the same hehe)!!

I’ve also made a little promise to myself that I’m gonna make more effort to reply to your comments! I’d also like to add that anything I say will be 100% genuine, so if/when I say how much I like one of your comments, trust me, I mean it!!

So here goes muscle junkies…in celebration of a year of beefy awesomeness, a collection of the most heavily featured bodybuilders on the blog! From the big pro mass monsters Branch, Eduardo & Evan, to those hot Hungarian monsters Toth and Molnar, from Russian boy beasts Andrey and Alexey to young American cutie bums Nick and Cody.

Here’s to another/bigger/better year of BEEF…


  1. Love this blog so much and you can rest assured that I check it everyday to satisfy my muscle addiction!

    Love this post, one of the most ball-emptying amazing collection of pics!

    Love to chat more with other muscleaddicts anytime!

  2. Bon anniversaire, Muscleaddict !!!

  3. When I look at this collection of muscle-stud pics I can't help wondering what it must be like to be a judge at a bodybuilding contest. All those big tight muscle asses flexing in your face, and all those irresistable male meat bulges threatening to explode out of those tight, skimpy, shiny posing straps. You know those musclegods will do anything to get the judges all hot and bothered. They'll spread their legs wide, thrust their hips forward, and grind their big sexy bulges in front of the judges and make them all shoot loads of hot cum into their pants.

  4. smuscle and Mikee, agree with this amazing ball emptying post of muscle hotness. Bulging pecs, big muscle ass. Love to chat with other muscle addicts too!

  5. I join other fans in wishing Addict a happy birthday - don't know how I managed until this blog came on the scene ! I've spilled so much, drooling over these posts and even over the descriptions that Addict writes as introductions. I just love these men bulging and rippling with muscular perfection, with their impossible mass and vascularity. I love their nipples, always teasingly erect and begging to be licked and sucked and pulled. Thanks Addict - keep up the good work for many a year.

  6. What can I say that has not been said...... Muscle fucking rocks my world it is the one thing from my earliest adolescent memories I will always remember and live for. MA feeds my love of these roads boys and one year on the blog never ever disappoints every roid dripping stud :) happy A ......... Live to worship

  7. Thanks for all the great comments guys. I love hearing your (awesome/mad) reactions to the blog!! Drool and spill away to your beef loving hearts content lads!

    "pak00" I love the way you talk about muscle, so enthusiastic and un-apologetic about your love for the beef! And we have a real-life friend in common so who knows maybe we'll end up meeting in person one day.

  8. So looking forward to another muscle cum induced year! Cumming to the muscle is just the best feeling - EVER!! Chatting with fellow fans who feel the same just makes it even better!!!


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