Thursday, 27 September 2012


O is for OH MY FUCKING GOD…how insanely HOT is this pumped up roided up ripped up young cute/hot/handsome tan drenched Egyptian muscle head/roid boy/beef freak??

S is for Spunk fucking City!! The destination I never fail to arrive at when my muscle loving eyes are exposed to this ball of juicy boy beef.

A is for A walking/talking/pumping/flexing/fucking orgasm on two pumped shredded legs! Which is exactly what Osama is!!

M is for MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS BEEFY AND ROIDED this guy is just spunk on a fucking stick!!

A is for A cum coma!! Which is *exactly* what I’ll end up in if Osama doesn’t stop being such a horny/hot/sexy little roid gobbling shiny posing trunk sporting ridiculously dark tan plastered monster!!

More Arabic bodybuilders:


  1. Ditto your entire intro! This man is a SUPERSTUD ALPHA BULL!!!

  2. Hot guy - especially picture 31 . Unfortunate first name however !

  3. This musclestud's hot male meat hangs low in those skimpy, sexy posing straps. I would pay big money for one of those straps after he's worn them and posed in them. Imagine him standing over you, legs spread out wide, one hand stroking and rubbing the tortured threads of that well filled pouch, teasing you, driving you crazy with male-meat lust, while he says; "You want this, don't you, baby? You want to buy this sexy posing strap from me, isn't that right, baby? And you'll pay any price to get it, won't you, baby?"

  4. He's amazing isn't he?? Everything about him is just so fucking HOT...the freaky ripped up beef packed bod, the cute looks which are a perfect combo of boyish and masculine and the awesome, "I'm shit fucking hot and I know it" attitude. I wonder if he realises the kind of effect he has on guys like us?!

  5. Oh fuck YES he knows what kind of effect he has on guys like us! He knows there's an army of dick-starved, ass-crazed men out there that shoot load after load of hot CREAM just looking at his photos. A musclestud this handsome and well-hung has to be totally aware of the power he has over other men.


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