Tuesday, 18 September 2012


There’s some incredibly HOT Arabic/Egyptian bodybuilders on the scene at the moment. From BEEF monster Mohamed Salama to young cute walking orgasm Osama Ashour and tan drenched juicy ass-ed roid beast Ramy Moh Elspiey. Now there’s another Arabic hottie in Spunk Town in the (very nice/rather big) shape of Ahmad Ashknani.

How would you describe Ahmad’s looks?? Butch as fuck? Macho as frig? Sexy as hell? How about all the three? And the bod! FUCK! ING! HELL! Look at the friggin
STATE of it. Big hard cut to fuck slabs of marble-esque pumped razor sharp smooth freaky vein splattered BEEF. Someone pass me the fucking spunk mop. Now!


  1. Instant favorite! Love this guy. He is so handsome it's unbelievable. Those dark eyes, thick eyebrows and that gorgeous smile make him irresistible. Muscles are right there on the money, but it wouldn't hurt to take an off-season shot every now and then. Excellent choice of tight, not to bulky posers nicely show all the hard effort and his delicious juicy gluteus. I would be so proud if I were in the same room with this man because it would be such an honor to stand next to a true muscle god on this level of handsomeness. I bow to you holy Ahmad. Thank you for blessing this world with your exquisite beauty.

  2. Heck yeah! I was waiting for a post of this flawless beast. WOOF!! My briefs didn't stand a chance. =9**
    By the way, had you ever finished that muscle fiction you were writing. The one where some guy was gonna meet up with a bodybuilder he met online. The link is gone.


  3. He's amazing isn't he?? My favourite pics of him are the ones in the pump room in those shiny blue trunks, hard smooth pumped up marble-esque shredded beef exploding off his body, looking handsome as fuck and drenched in the most gorgeous oily tan. I especially love the pic where he's being fed the bottle of coke, with his slight roid gut hanging over his trunks, it's like he's such a beast/superior being that he has minions to feed him!!

    I havn't finished that story yet but I will be posting it on the blog when it's done, probably on the main page!

    1. That's the one M.A. His roided gut in that pic is a major turn on. I wouldn't mind being one of his minions feeding him and injecting roid shots into his muscles. Can't wait for part 2.


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