Saturday, 29 September 2012


The prejudging at the 2012 Mr Olympia has taken place and the general buzz is that 1 time Mr O champion/mountain of huge thick juicy bulbous freaky muscle MASS Phil "The Gift" Heath has some serious competition from Kai Greene. I have to admit I'm not really a fan of Kai (FYI I LOVE Phil), however, judging from the comparison shots (at the end of the post) I'd say Kai has Heath beat in terms of size in the side and back shots at least. The Most Muscular pose however, it's Heath all the way!! At this stage I think either would make a worthy winner, but personally I think Heath has the better aesthetics and physique, and just brings a better overall package.

It's not all about Phil V Kai though. Some of the biggest, hottest, most well loved (and my personal favourite) pro bodybuilders are also competing this weekend...

BRANCH = Looks amazing as ever!! Branch is one of those guys you see so often, you can sometimes look at new pics of him and think "meh..seen it all before" but no...I'm LOVING these new shots and the 2012 Mr O version of this big hard nasty dense veiny grainy bald muscle daddy monster/legend!!

BEN PAKULSKI = Every time Ben competes I love him just that little bit more..especially when he's sporting those HOT little sticky purple trunks! SLURP! And fucking look at the cocky bugger with his tongue popping out. It's almost as if he's proud of the 250+ lbs of huge hard ripped roided FREAKY hardcore mass muscle bulging off his bones. The nutter!

EVAN = The bigger Evan gets...the more I fucking love him!! I have to say I was more wow'ed by the pics of him at the Arnold. I'm not sure whether these pics just aren't really showing him at his mind blowing best. I'll reserve judgement till I see more pics but yeah....still love the shiny black (dunno whats wrong with bright pink but hey ho) posers off him.

BAITOLLAH ABBASPOUR = I don't think I've fully expressed just how much I love this guy yet, so let me start by saying...I FUCKING LOVE THIS GUY!! It's also crazy because a year ago I'd never heard of him. Definitely my biggest/best new muscle discovery of the year. He just seems to have come out of nowhere, and now he's competing at the Mr O along side the biggest and best boys in the business. Look how his quads flare out in that back lat spread shot. MENTAL!! He just looks fucking incredible doesn't he?? And not at ALL out of place or even weaker than the majority of the guys here. Maybe I'm biased. Can't wait to see where he places.

MICHAEL KEFALIANOS = There's been a shocking lack of this big bald Greek muscle daddy monstrosity on the blog lately (I'll sort that soon I promise) but rest assured I'm still a HUGE fan. Look at his fucking quad he's got his hand place on in the first shot of him here. FREAK!! That's just fucking insane. And that right (huge pumped) bicep looks like it's trying to pick a fucking fight with the right pec. Lucky thing!

Other noteworthy guys...the German giant, Dennis "Big Bad" Wolf, Toney Freeman, who looks INCREDIBLE and is possibly the cockiest/nastiest muscle daddy monstrosity to ever squeeze into a pair of lime green posers (YUM), the huge juicy American beauty/BEAST Johnnie Jackson, Roelly Winklaar who pretty much always looks like exactly the same thing in any show he competes in...A FREAK, and 1 time Mr O/ripped to the bone, shredded to the arsehole TANK of outrageously cocky/awesome beefy freakness Dexter Jackson!!

I'll be doing more posts featuring some of the Mr O competitors over the next few weeks but for now, enjoy the biggest and best muscle freaks on the planet squeezing and flexing their huge freaky man beef and sweating their shiny tiny posing trunks off....


  1. I'm with you MA I'm not a big kai fan give me phil and that's hours of fun. Fuck how hot are some of the traps this year over use of the shrugs me thinks .... But you roid boys just fucking shrug away all you like build em and we will cum:))))

  2. I LOVE BEN!!!!!!!!!!! i could CUM for days about what i love about BEN and it still ends straight up. I LOVE BEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. boring ugly field of muscle...nothing special or impressive this year at all


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