Sunday, 30 September 2012


Phil "The Gift" Heath beat off competition from Kai Greene at this weekend's Mr O to become champion for a second consecutive year running!! A few weeks back I made a prediction of the top 6. The order was slightly different but 5 of the guys made the final 6, the one exception being Evan Centopani who took 8th place. The guy I seriously misjudged though was 3rd placed competitor Shawn Rhoden! Shawn came up from last years 11th placing and his conditioning this year was amazing, incredibly cut and shredded, his abs especially look like they're carved out of stone! The hot shiny pink posing trunks he was sporting havn't exactly hurt my opinion either!!

The rest of the top 10 was made up of Dexter Jackson in 4th, Branch Warren in 5th, Dennis Wolf in 6th, Toney Freeman in 7th, Johnnie Jackson in 9th and Lionel Beyeke in 10th. Pacman just missed out on the top 10, although in my opinion his conditioning and overall physique was much better than Beyeke's!! Pacman was *also* sporting some incredibly HOT shiny pink posers (maybe these boys have been reading the blog), which made him look even more ball emptying than he already does!! Bad news for my other favourite roid boys Michael Kefalianos and Baitollah Abbaspour who placed in the lower regions of the contest. Baitollah presumably suffered in the size stakes but his conditioning, as always, was incredible! Another guy worth noting who I didn't mention in my previous post is Arabic bodybuilder Essa Obaid! He's the insanely vascular FREAK with the mohawk in the orange trunks (WOOF)!! Full results below...

IFBB Pro Men
1. Phil Heath
2. Kai Greene
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Dexter Jackson
5. Branch Warren
6. Dennis Wolf
7. Toney Freeman
8. Evan Centopani
9. Johnnie Jackson
10. Lionel Beyeke
11. Ben Pakulski
12. Roelly Winklaar
13. Ronny Rockel
14. Essa Obaid
15. Hidetada Yamagishi
16. Bill Wilmore
16. Michael Kefalianos
16. Baitollah Abbaspour
16. Fred Smalls

Over in the 212 class James Flex Lewis fought off tough competition from David Henry, Eduardo Correa and Jose Raymond! I have a special place in my beef loving heart for Flex so I'm glad he won, but I pretty much love the shiny sweaty posers off all of those top four placed guys!! I was in two minds whether to include them here but I've just limited it to the competitors from the open class. I *will* be doing another long overdue post on Flex though asap!! For are this years open class Olympia competitors doing what they do best....being huge, vein splattered, ripped up, inhuman, OTT cocky, animal-esque, superior God-like, tan drenched, indecently shiny outrageously colourful posing trunk sporting muscle FREAKS...


  1. I'm amazed there are no comments on this post yet! Thanks for the pics AND the results. Heath was a worthy winner and really outclassed Kai G. I like the intro - you're really well informed about bodybuilding and have the "eye" to assess these wonderful men. I was also glad that at the end you admitted that you find these guys as gut wrenchingly sexy as I do!!!

    1. Thanks dude, I'm surprised at the lack of comments too to be honest, but I do know some guys aren't that keen on the big pro Olympian monsters! I'm so glad Heath won, Kai gave him a run for his money but look at the Most Muscular comparisons between him & Heath..there's just no competition, Heath is in another league. I'm not that keen on Kai's physique, it's kind of blocky and awkward, Phil on the otherhand just has the most beautiful aesthetics. Oh and yeah, I follow the sport closely so I'm pretty on the ball with whats going on! I've often wondered what it takes to become a judge at bodybuilding competitions! ;)

  2. I'm slowly warming to Phil Heath. He has a quality physique, respect to his accomplishments.

    My main point is that I hope the competitors draw their inspiration to train from sources other than the judges score sheets. Is there any kind of scrutiny or accountability?

    I can't see Toney Freeman, being better than Evan Centopani. The biggest travesty is (my favourite) Ben Pakulski not making the top 8 or even the top 10. What is going on there? Is he not shredded, symmetrical, powerful and proportioned with no outstanding weak body parts?

    Kefalianos and Yamagashi were seriously overlooked. Maybe I can see why Jay Cutler, gave the Olympia a miss this year! I feel sorry for Rockel, Abbaspour.

    Dexter Jackson, better than Branch Warren? This is all very questionable. Respect to those guys who may have felt hard done by but carry on, forging better physiques inspite of that.

    Shawn Rhoden, what a revelation. I had seen pics of him before, good genetics, but his condition was off. But this time he managed to get it together.

    Where are the judges drawn from? Are they all US based? There seems to be a very strong bias towards US athletes. With the Olympics, judges are drawn from around the world, to remove any scope for such accusations. Is this the case for the IFBB?

    Thanks MuscleAddict for yet another one.

  3. Well Matey yet again this is one hell of a collection of pics, well done! Only you could pick the best shots of these monsters squeezing and posing for all they're worth! Absolutely nothing beats these guys, onstage, in just their posers, flexing it up to the max, mindblowing sight!


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