Thursday, 20 September 2012


One of the biggest bodybuilding competitions of the year so far was the Arnold Classic back in March, where the powerhouse of huge thick dense grainy muscle mass that is Branch Warren returned to the stage following his leg injury last year and became champion for the 2nd year running. His win was a controversial choice for some muscle fans who thought the title should have gone to the German monster Dennis Wolf (2nd place), and many thought Evan Centopani, who looked bigger than ever in the most incredible shredded condition, deserved higher than his very respectable 3rd placing.

The show played host to many of my favourite current pro bodybuilders who squeezed and flexed their indecent mass in their shiny bright posing trunks for an ever adoring audience, including handsome Canadian Ben "Pacman" Pakulski (4th place) in his usual shockingly ripped condition, Greek muscle daddy monstrosity Michael Kefalianos (9th place) and Brazilian beauty/beast Eduardo Correa who's incredible SHREDDED freak of a muscle bod surely earned him a higher placing than 10th.

Other competitors including one time Mr O Dexter Jackson (5th place) who I love for his amazing condition and awesome cocky/arrogant posing, the mountain of huge juicy bulbous muscle Lionel Beyeke (6th place), Brandon Curry (7th place) who is just an absolute BEAST on two legs and the big bald beefy bastard that is Shawn Rhoden (8th place).

I can't wait to see how Branch, Wolf, Evan and the other qualified beasts here look, and where they place, at the Mr O next week. Here are my predictions for the all important top 6...

1. Phil Heath
2. Kai Greene
3. Branch Warren
4. Dennis Wolf
5. Dexter Jackson
6. Evan Centopani


  1. Hey Addict! great to have you back especially as you put up posts like this. Thanks for the comparison shots at the end. Your preface was well informed. Warren and Wolf are total beasts, but I agree that Wolf should have won 1st. I shall wait to see if your Olympia predictions come true. Bodybuilding is a great sport and these men are examples of perfect masculinity and pant shredding sexiness. I love the feeling of being overwhelmed by such superhumans, just by looking at them. God! to touch and oil them. Woof!!

    1. Hey...thanks dude!! Im slightly biased cause I'm a huge Branch fan but I agree..Wolf looked fucking incredible!! I'm 100% with you on loving that feeling of being overwhelmed. Nothing turns me on, has the same affect on, or has the kind of power over me more than the image of huge nasty fucked up roid monster FREAKS shredded to the fucking bone outrageously flexing and squeezing in their shiny little brightly coloured posing trunks acting like cocky/arrogant/nasty ego fuelled animals. Woof in-fucking-deed mate!!

  2. Hey MA almost your one year anniversary..... do you have a special edition in stall,,,,, all us muscle worship lads love your work your collection of material is by far the best there is and you know how if feels to want to worship these roided beasts.... may there be many years to come:)))) worship your site

    1. Hey pak..nicely spotted..I actually wasn't planning on any kind of special post, or even mentioning it, but maybe I should!! Any ideas what I could do?? And thanks for the awesome compliment..I love the idea of guys out there loving the blog..checking it religiously (not sure if that's actually true but a nice thought hehe) and getting off on what I've written..that's mental but fucking awesome!! Maybe I could touch upon that in my "one year anniversary" special post?! ;)

  3. ok ok......i will forever be in love with the grizzly texan branch and his f*cked up grainy mass of thick beef.....but the pacman was definitely packing a punch with those sticky, shiny little purple posers. what the hell do we have to do to get warren out of those crappy velvet numbers.....c'mon him the way!! x

    1. FUCK YEAH!! Now that's what I'm talking about. Pacman's outrageously tacky bright shiny as shit little purple trunks..shining away in contrast to the huge hard bronzed beast-like mountain of muscle mass he has the cheek to call his body. Clinging to him so tightly they look like they're fucking painted on.

      I think someone needs to sneak into the Mr O pump room steal Branch's velvet numbers and swap them with a pair exactly like Pacman's. Maybe we should leave a few colour choices for him...purple, bright green, royal blue and...PINK!! Come on Branchy know you wanna!!


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