Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I remember when the superhuman powerhouse of huge thick muscle that is Evan Centopani came on to the bodybuilding scene in the mid noughties. There was a huge hype surrounding this guy in his early 20's who was a monster even as an amateur. Evan had this awesome/cocky/"I know I'm huge & I fucking love it" attitude back then. I had a few Repetrope/USA Muscle DVD's with Evan on them and particular moment from an evening show DVD has stuck with me. It was the sight of Evan squeezing out a front double bicep. His HUGE pumped guns exploding up to the ceiling & Evan with this incredible/cocky/powerful expression in his face as he mouthed the word "YEAH"! It was just pure a pure fucking awesome display muscle arrogance/power/cockiness/superior/aggression!! It was an incredible moment which I loved, but I have to confess, on the whole while I really liked Evan I wasn't *that* crazy about him! That was until his appearance at this years Arnold Classic.

It's crazy how with just 1 or 2 videos, or a couple of pictures you can go from merely liking a pumped up muscle monster to being absolutely fucking crazy about him & thinking he's pretty much one if the hottest things to ever squeeze into a pair of shiny posing trunks, because now..I absolutely fucking LOVE Evan!! He looked IN-FUCKING-SANE at the Arnold's!! A planet in a pair of posing trunks, ripped and cut to shred to hell and back. And the attitude?? JESUS WEPT! So fucking powerful, cocky and aggressive. There's a fair few vids from the show on YouTube and Evans fucking kills it letting rip on that stage. Screwing up his handsome face into all sorts of outrageously cocky expressions and letting out deep loud grunts, groans and even shouting out "BOOM" as he squeezes out those monster muscle exploding Most Musculars!

Evan was born to be a freak and while I always saw something special in him, it's only now I fully appreciate and LOVE what that something is! Evan is rumoured to be competing in this years Mr O! If it's true I can not fucking WAIT to see what this huge handsome superior cocky animal-esque muscle monstrosity FREAK will look like on stage no doubt caked up to the eyeballs in deep dark tan wearing nothing but a shiny pair of micro posers seeping pure power masculinity and arrogance from every pore of his insane pumped freaky shredded hard monstrous other worldly TANK of a body!

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  1. Evan is one of, if not, my all time favorite massive muscle dudes. Glad to hear someone else who finds this mountain of a man super sexy.

  2. He's a road map to muscle heaven. Those veiny mega muscles are incredible. Thanks for these inspiring photos of a god

  3. Not only was the post great, but the emotional intensity of your apprecation/admiration for Evan is apparent and palpable.

    Click here for Evan being large and in charge.

    With Evan around, you'd be definitely be inspired to train to become like him.

    Click here for Evan being a motivation and inspiration.

    Who is the other guy in the picture? He looks pretty hot too.

    Wow, what a transformation he has made from when he was a kid. Someone no one would give a second glance too, to having
    people blog about how amazing he has become. Kudos to Evan.

  4. seriously this is muscle worship heaven.... i would love to have been his supplier of juice any watched him grow over the years....


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