Sunday, 12 August 2012


If you like the sound of an adorably cute/handsome young ripped roided BEEF Stud from Melbourne, Australia (although his family are Italian & Greek..hence the surname) then you might like Jake Nikolopoulos.

I highly recommend the YouTube videos at the end of the post of Jake competing at this years NABBA World Championships (he placed 3rd in his height class). He’s just such an adorable & awesome poser, with a real cheeky, boyish charm and his ripped mass of perfectly pumped man meat just looks incredible, especially his set of deep juicy thick muscle tits. If I could set up camp on those things and live there permanently I’d be one very happy chappie!

More Jake coming soon…


  1. OH YEA!!!!!! young as in, I love young, tight, hard, pumped, ripped, straited, tanned, sweat drenched, non bloated, handsome, heart thobbing, superhuman gorgeous stallions like JAKE, ALED BARRY, PETER MOLNAR, CODY LEWIS, ISTVAN POLYAK and the list of cum draining gods goes on and on. great post addict. please update ALED BARRY.

    1. Fuck yeah!! I'm 100% with you..I love every single one of those young cutie bum sexy beef head muscle monkeys!! I'll definitely be doing more Molnar & Cody posts. I'd love to do another one on Aled but he hasn't competed this year & there's not a huge amount of pics of him around! When there's enough though I will!


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