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The text in this post before the pics was *not* written by me, but by a good friend/fellow muscle junkie! He often comes out with the funniest/quirkiest/most creative/awesome/genius lines & descriptions when talking about muscle (evidence below) so I asked him (erm..well sort of..hehe) if he wanted to write his own blog post & he sent me the below! I won't embarrass him by going into detail how I felt when I first read it (and because he knows already) but lets just say...I APPROVED!!

Peter Molnar: 10 Thing I LOVE About You

I first spotted this gigantic slab of fresh-faced beef about 5 years ago and since then the Hungarian super-hunk and gone from strength to strength. He’s so cute, so huge, so beautifully conditioned, so cheeky/playful with his posing… what’s not to love?!

Here’s 10 things (in not particular order) which in my opinion make Peter Molnar a hot hot HOT muscle-lad of the horniest kind imaginable:

1) His ASS!
That thing is round, plump, juicy, ridiculously cute and looks so very lovely hanging out the bottom of a pair of skimpy little posing trunks! I bet you could bounce a coin of it too…..heck, I bet you could lie him face down and use those beefy cheeks as a bouncy castle! Remember to take your shoes off first though!

2) His PECS!
Those pretty pecs of his each have the surface area of a patio-slab and are so juicy and thick they enter a room 15 minutes before the rest of him! Sadly I’ve never seen him bounce those babies but then perhaps it’s for his own good; those boy-boobs are so massive that if he started dancing them up and down he’d probably give himself two black eyes!

3) His BICEPS!
If you want to get your hands on something rock hard and as big and round as a grown man’s head you can either visit your local bowling alley OR ask to fondle one of Peter’s massive bulging biceps! Personally I know which one I’d choose!

4) His ABS!
Even if you really hate beer you’re going to find it impossible to keep your hands of this particular six-pack! Those bad-boy abs are tight, ripped, deep, chiseled and just begging for the loving touch a beef-worshipper! And don’t be mean with the baby oil when you do so!

5) His WAIST!
In a world of big, hot, manly, nasty, sexy roid-guts, Peter’s ultra-tight weenie lil’ waist is a real novelty! How this lad finds trousers which accommodate his combination of humongous quads AND tiny waist I can’t imagine! I’d say I pity his tailor, but if I’m honest I’d give my right arm for the opportunity to measure this boy’s beefy inside leg!

6) His TAN!
It’s rare to see such a spectrum of colour from the same guy; sometimes he’s fairly pale, sometimes he’s like a walking bar of chocolate in posing trunks! But no matter what state of tan-age he chooses, he pulls off every shade beautifully! But given his natural colouring is pretty white, it’s somehow extra horny and extra cute when he really contrasts this by going mad with the tan and struts out onto the stage looking like he’s come straight from a mud wrestling contest!

7) His OIL!
Like his tan, this varies quite a lot; sometimes he’s so dry and cut you could grate cheese on him! But most of the time he looks like he’s lost a fight with a deep fat fryer! And doesn’t that enormous upper body of his look lovely with light bouncing off every brawny oiled-up nook and cranny, of which there are many?!

8) His POSING!
Cheeky, cocky, playful and just dripping with ‘nice lad’ overtones, Pete’s posing takes some beating! Many guys his age steer clear from the more grizzly poses like the most muscular, but not Mr Molnar! When he squeezes out one of these monsters you’d better run for cover because our lad knows how to hit ‘em big, low, hard, grizzly and nasty as hell! But of course he offsets even the most terrifying of poses with a mischievous grin which let’s us know that although he may have the body of ‘The Incredible Hulk’ he doesn’t share his temper!

Like his posing there’s a strong whiff of nice guy going on here. In interviews he always comes across as very humble and modest and sometimes even just a tad shy! He’s also a bit of a geek too! More than once I’ve seen him playing computer games like World of Warcraft! That such a massive hunky guy has a cute geeky side to him too is adorable in the extreme!

10) His LOOKS!
Peter has, without doubt, an ‘odd’ look; not in a bad way at all but he’s not classically ‘pin up’ handsome, rather he’s got the most wonderful boyish cuteness and wide-eyed innocence about him which is so beguiling, especially when set against that enormous bulging body he drags around with him all day! And when I say ‘wide-eyed’ I mean it literally! Those pretty peepers are so big and innocent that he always looks just a tad surprised, almost like he’s just caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror and can’t quite believe just how ultra-massive his muscles have gotten! That makes two of us Pete!

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  1. Yeah, I'd agree with all 10, but his muscle ass, tiny waist, and posing would be my top 3! There are a couple YouTube vids of him practice posing and he's got some moves that prove he could really get his freak on with all that muscle to work with!

  2. why you only publish one pic of the most amazing glutes in muscleworld? love, love, his glutes exploding out of his bikini. almost a thong.

  3. PETER THE GREAT!!!!!! is certainly a once in a decade ultra flawless young muscle dream, that personally i could fill a 50 gal. drum with what iv'e unloaded drooling over his young granite, straited, stunning, gorgeous, bronzed, luscious, sweat drenched, rocked pumped, ultimate SUPER/SUPER/SUPER male beyond MALES body. P.S addict, maybe you could update us on his young gorgeous muscle buddy, ISTVAN POLYAK. thanks and another great post of what muscle worship heaven should be.

    1. Ditto on that assessment of Peter the Great. Super rock hard,pumped,and freaky sized muscle pecs that could be milked for days. Addict definitely need to feature more of him! and his buddy Istvan.

    2. I'm planning a post on Istvan very soon!

  4. I'm glad he's not a "pin up boy", makes him more attractive in my opinion. I like his heavy forehead, and facial hair, those side-burns and beard, that to accompany a hard muscular pose. Make him oh so heavenly (spunky)...I think you know what I mean.

    Picture number 1 of this post

    Click here for facial hair and beef.


    Click here more facial hair and beef.

    He deserves every bit of praise (and success) that comes his way.

    Thanks to the original poster and Muscle Addict


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