Wednesday, 29 August 2012


In this selection of awesome YouTube videos, an insanely hot video of a huge vascular Eduardo Correa, pumped American pretty boy Brad Rowe flexes and poses in the gym, the outrageously cocky posing routine of a cute ripped British amateur bodybuilder, an awesome posedown vid featuring Baitollah Abbaspour & Johnnie Jackson, and hot bald Czech bodybuilder Lukas Osladil pumps up and poses in the gym...

An incredibly shot video of the posedown from the Mr Europe 2012 posedown. The quality is awesome and the camera gets so close to the rippling shredded quivering twitching flexing BEEF. And the beef in question is outstanding! Amongst the line up, there's American monster Johnnie Jackson, Iranian hottie Baitollah Abbaspour, Greek muscle daddy Michael Kefalianos and Hungarian beast Daniel Toth. The pose off between Johnnie and Baitollah is just fucking awesome, with the two ripped beasts acting like best muscle buddies, wrapping their arms round each other & pressing their heads together as they squeeze out that awesome/aggressive head-to-head Most Muscular. They even give each other cheeky little kisses on the cheek. Outrageous! Awesome! Cheeky! HOT!!

The ridiculously cute uber sexy pumped up American muscle boy Brad Rowe posing for the camera 5 weeks out from the NPC Nationals. He looks obscenely hot flexing the goods in his lil' undies and the cheeky/awesome/cocky/"fuck yeah look at me" attitude is just off the scale horny! Loving the hot grunts and noises he makes as he's squeezing his roid beef too.

Hot sexy bald butch beef monster Lukas Osladil from Czech Republic pumping and posing his obscenely PUMPED mass. The vid is especially awesome when the camera closes in on his outrageously huge vein plastered muscle as he pumps himself up to ridiculous proportions. The guy is so fucking intense...not to mention a walking/pumping/flexing orgasm on two (huge, shredded) legs!!

An outrageously OTT cheeky/cocky posing routine from a gorgeous, pretty boy Amateur British bodybuilder Ricky Moore competing at this years NABBA Worlds. He's hardly a monster but the guy is RIPPED and fucking PUMPED (in more ways than one). Check out all the cocky facial expressions, head nods, tongue flashing...out-fuckin-rageous behaviour!! If you like your muscle boys cute and cocky, you're gonna LOVE this one!

An insanely HOT video from Muscle Gallery of Brazilian beauty/beast Eduardo Correa. The best bit is definitely the 2nd part of the vid with Eduardo lying on a gold satin sheet looking like an absolute MONSTER and the camera slowly panning over his massive slabs of BEEF, including his enormous quads which are fucking PLASTERED in the nastiest freakiest veins. Tissues at the ready for this one boys..

Link to my previous YouTube videos post:

Features Zoltan Voros, Steve Kuclo, Johnnie Jackson & Mike Kefalianos.


  1. OMG ADDICT, you done it again, making me rutt, squirm and squirt. these videos are a muscle lovers wettest dream of ragging, sweat drenched, pumped out of their luscious stretched man skin flexing beyond the brink, and that view of eduardo looking up across those massive slabs of carved quads staring at that thick solid slab of latin beef in those tiny stretched posers. OMG

  2. Eduardo's video is definitely cum teasing. Wait, let me check. Oh yes, confirmed. Time to change my boxer briefs. Just like Anonymous said, these videos are OMG worthy. Hot!

  3. Correa's dvd is outrageous and so hot. These guys know exactly what they're doing wearing those sexy tops and then lying there gazing seductively into the camera wearing tiny shiny briefs wile flexing. Those heavily veined massive thighs are to die for, but so are the pecs crowned by those beautiful tits - and then the biceps. Yes! they know that all over the world that muscle junkies will be pumping up a nice hot sticky load in homage. Here goes !!!

  4. Mmmmmmm! Just imagining Eduardo Correa with his hands tied behind him and his captor running his hands all over those huge hot pecs and those dollar sized nipples..............

  5. I saw the video of Baitollah and Johnnie Jackson. My respect for Baitollah has increased even more than what it was before. He obviously has a deep respect (and I guess friendship) with Johnnie. He asked him to posedown with him and he(Johnnie) obliged. The kiss at the end was of appreciation and thanks. Baitollah is Iranian, and in his culture that would not be considered unusual. I was left with the impression that Baitollah is a thorough decent chap. Hats off to him (and his world class physique).

    Kefalianos has such a hot ass, I'm surprised he keeps it so well hidden.

    Thanks MuscleAddict


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