Monday, 13 August 2012


Time for a muscle pop quiz! It's multiple choice.

QUESTION: Mohamed Salama is...

A) A monstrous mountain of superhuman spunk inducing man meat?

B) A beef head/roid beast/muscle FREAK from HELL who is such a fucking monster he has trouble performing the simplest of tasks, like brushing his own teeth, scrubbing his own back & walking down the street without causing people to shriek, scream or faint?

C) A living breathing walking talking flexing squeezing spunk drenched Kleenex tissue on 2 legs?


D) All of the above?!

More Egyptian bodybuilders:


  1. Stunning - size,vascularity and Oh! the lats andthe back poses! He's so dominant and uber-powerful I just feel weak at the knees and sick in the pit of my stomach. Could this be lust? Now where did I put the kleenex?

  2. I will try my luck with D. I hope the prize is a living breathing Mohamed Salama clone. He is definitely in my top 5 all time favorite bodybuilders. What I would give to be reincarnated as Mohamed's underwear in next life. This kind of physique is what all men should strive for or at least try to accomplish. He is the perfect example of a real man. I could never resist such a seducing smile. So handsome!

  3. muscleaddict:

    and here's mohamed salama's answer to your post about him!


    1. Lol thanks Royd..that made me laugh! :)

  4. D! D! D! Big Mo has pumped/roided himself to such utterly humongous proportions that now I'm not sure I can lust after Mr Salama without being accused of bestiality because the guy is basically a gorilla, a rhino, a bull and a stallion all rolled into one and shoved into posing trunks! He's packed on SOOO much tonnage of late it's scary/crazy/ridiculous/AWESOME and I get a tingly/twitchy feeling in my pants just thinking how extra-monstrous he might yet become! Oh and he's bloody damn gorgeous with it! Dangerously hot! Great post in honour of a great (big) lad! Thanks! :-)


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