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I fucking LOVE British bodybuilders! Actually, let me rephrase that. I fucking LOVE...BIG BUTCH BEEFY BULBOUS BEASTLY BALL-EMPTYING BRITISH BODYBUILDERS!! They always have a real rough, raw quality (even the more cute/pretty ones) and they *never* seem to get the attention and praise they deserve. I'm on a mission to change that with this feast of pics of some of the biggest and best muscle freaks Britain has to offer.

The most well known and loved beef boy from Blighty at the moment is definitely the Mr O competing muscle freak cutie bum James Flex Lewis (who I've had the pleasure of seeing in the flesh)! Joining him in the IFBB Pro club is James Llewellin, the ridiculously pumped ball of beef in pic 4, and John Hodgson, the sexy/hot, ridiculously cocky muscle daddy in pic 13. And speaking of daddies, Barney Du Plessis is the big nasty rough gruff hottie in pic 8 who has been making waves on the British bodybuilding circuit for a number of years, along with Jason Corrick, the insanely vascular monster daddy from hell come cheeky grinned nice guy in pic 14!

Zack Khan, the monster flexing in the kitchen in the 1st picture, and Darren Ball in pic 16 are both big names within the British bodybuilding industry who you might be familiar with. They're both famous for their monstrous brutal size, even if they perhaps don't have the most aesthetically pleasing physiques! You might also be familiar with big Dave Titterton, a former Mr Britain who competed at this year's Arnold Amateurs. He's the shredded beast in pic 15 squeezing out the most outrageously cocky Most Muscular with his mouth wide open. BOOM!!

There have also been some incredible amateur roid head muscle monkeys to emerge from the UK in recent years too, including Thomas Young, the young bald butch cutie in pic 18, Dave Guest, the ridiculously gorgeous/CUTE pumped up muscle hottie in pic 11, Shane Copley, the big bad bald fucker in pic 17, and more recent competitors, Lukas Gabris, the juicy bulbous beast in pic 3, Stuart Garrington, the ripped up baldie with the sexy grin in pic 9, and of course, recent Mr World champion & man of the moment, the big bald beefy bastard that is Anth Bailes in pic 10.

So there we go...a variety of British beef for everyone, wether you like your muscle lads rough, cute, butch, young, daddy-esque, shredded or just plain fucking monstrous! Bring on the BEEF...

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  1. Zack Khan is incredible. Always looking like he's going to eat someone, hooked on juice and ready to destroy everything on his path to get what he wants. He is at his best off-season, like all bodybuilders, when you can truly appreciate his grand size. Would love to put him in extremely tight outfit and just watch him trying to take it off. However, I would require that he be quiet as I'm not a fan of the british accent.

  2. Shame you missed out Stuart Core.

  3. Hey Cochynolo! There isn't just one British accent - in fact, most of our BBs don't sound like Prince Charles! Strange that!!
    Thanks Addict for this post. We've got some great athletes in Britain. If only bodybuilding was a bit more mainstream in this country and got a better press.
    Also - I just wonder if these guys realise just how bloody hot they are. I think some really do, and good on them. Worship them now!!
    Love this blog!

  4. It goes without saying, they are all good athletes, I'll just mention my favourites amongst this post.

    James Flex Lewis has come on strides, he has greater fullness and density, especially in his chest and back.He now stands out, he had the all to crucial raw ingredients, ie good genetics, but hadn't quite discovered how to hone them in properly. Now he has, and the result is there for us to see. A world class bod.

    James Llewellin has photogenic good looks, and if that wasn't enough, has a body to blow you away too.

    Can't fault John Hodgson, who has been seriously overlooked for well over a decade, but kudos to him carries on for his love of the sport/activity.

    Zack Khan, has come on strong. He has finally paid some attention to his legs, which are now beginning to catch up with his mind-blowing torso.

    Dave Guest, I find incredibly sexy. He has the qualities of James Llewellin. But he seems more raw, and has great density.

    Anthony Bailes, has some serious density going on, especially from the waist up. The previous post you did, with his forearms/ and back density, had me looking more closely amazed at such quality beef.
    (Muscle addict, please answer this question for me, how do you know Anthony is working class? I've only ever seen pictures of him. I forgot to ask this previously).

    Darren Ball, for his hard, granite like physique, and those huge rugged legs. Sheer class, in my opinion.

    My favourite is Thomas Young, I like his in your face nature. He's not huge, but has a quality physique. Big bulbous traps and noteworthy calves. He's as shredded as a top secret file. The only thing he needs is more overall mass, and some quad mass. (Most guys have big quads that are way ahead of of the rest of their legs, he's the opposite). Still, I like him for his rawness and cheeky-ness ;-)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, no mention of bodybuilders from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Thanks MuscleAddict.

  5. hey MA great post as always some amazing british beef there.... i'm thinkinh about a trip to england next year and would love to know when the best time of year is to come for a BB show in London i want to see this in the flesh??? thanks mate

    1. Hey pak00..I'd say Oct/Nov is the best time for shows. You've got the UKBFF in Oct, and the NABBA Universe (HUGE show with guys from all over, lots of Ozzie/European guys but loads of British guys too). They're both up North though as the best shows & bb's tend to be. There's also the IFBB Grand Prix though in London where you'll get loads of the big pros coming over from the States. Last year it was in March, but they moved it to Oct this year! Hope that helps buddie.

  6. really like JOHN HODGSON at the prejudging of the 2011 british grand prix! his shiny black uber minimal posers with the pouch cut really low accentuated his magnificently freakish musculature!

    check out DAVE TITTERTON in this vid - he's jacked, he's tanned, he's wearing a poser that seems to be made of some rubberized fabric that looks like it was painted onto him right before the contest AND not to mention that it's my fav combo - massively muscled in miniscule posers!
    check out how dave's made himself stand out from his other competitors in these vids

    and then there is masters bodybuilder STEVE JOHNSON - this obviously lover of juice muscle daddy (check out his sexy gyno/butch tits in the vids below) has a flair for distinguishing himself from his fellow masters competitors - from the outrageously sexy haircut (which incidentally since it was obviously bleached platinum with the black accent along the edge - drove me wild) to his shiny and glittering posers! go steve go!

    and then there's DAVE STEELE! another masters (over 50!) bodybuilder/muscle daddy that i would love to be fucked backstage by!


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