Friday, 31 August 2012


Here are 3 reasons why I love to see a bodybuilder hitting the back lat spread pose...

#1) It beautifully shows off the HUGE wide back and wing-esque lats of the pumped up muscle freak. YEAH BABY!

#2) It wonderfully shows off the freaky ass hams and huge diamond calves of the roided up muscle beast. WOOF!!

#3) It perfectly shows off the huge hot hard juicy striated poser swallowing GLUTES of the God-like beef monster. FUCK YEAH!!!

Names of the freaks/beasts/beef monsters in this post (from top to bottom): Anth Bailes, Nick Trigili, Eduardo Correa, Cody Lewis, Aaron Clark, Mohamed Salama, Anth Bailes, Brad Rowe, Ahmad Ashkanani, Greg Doucette, Nick Trigili, Gustavo Badell, Ronny Rockel Johnnie Jackson & Branch Warren, PJ Braun, Johnnie Jackson, Jason Huh, Jorg Kuhnhold, Michael Kefalianos, Alex Shabunya, Ramy Moh Elspiey, Aaron Clark, Michael Kefalianos & Branch Warren, James Flex Lewis, Christian Lacoche, Jason Huh, Ben Pakulski, Evan Centopani, Peter Molnar.

MY TOP 3 BACKS FROM THIS POST: Nick, Mohamed & Johnnie!
MY TOP 3 ASSES: Mike Kefalianos, Ramy & Flex!

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  1. OMG ADDICT another page of INSTALOAD in my shorts. superhuman male magnificent awesome mountains of raging powerful muscles begging to be rode in the boiling sun while stroking their flexing sweat drenched granite carved muscles in total worship.

  2. My favourites amongst this post are Nick Trigili - he has great muscle lines, that cause the muscle groups to flow so well into one another. Brad Rowe for his overall thickness and power that goes with it. Ben Pakulski his overall mass and symmetry is mind boggling.

    Kefalianos looks better in the comparision with Warren. His symmetry is better.

    I only really began to to appreciate the front and rear lat poses, after watching Tom Young pose.

    Perfect example of rear lat spread>

    He has all the attributes you stated you liked about this pose. His lats are amazing, you can't help but notice them, his calves are large and noticeable and you can't miss his manly glutes on display.

    Thanks MuscleAddict.


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