Thursday, 23 August 2012


And the Antoine fest continues with a post dedicated to pics of the Canadian Muscle God/superstar competing on stage...PUMPED..RIPPED..HUGE..SHREDDED..caked in deep dark shiny golden tan & wearing nothing but skimpy sweaty posing trunks flexing, squeezing and showing off his obscenely HOT boy beef..hitting pose after pose..squeezing his bowling ball skin stretching biceps..flaring his huge pumped wing-esque lats..tensing his fuck-off huge shredded quads..showing off his monstrous melon delts and crunching his hot stacked abs. Is this what Muscle Heaven looks like??


  1. Superb photos and dvds - the week just gets better and better. The guy is ripped to fucking shreds, he's elegant and so beautifully proportioned. He can hold his own in these lineups. And the smile! My tongue is ripped to fucking shreds dragging on the carpet! Woof!!!!

  2. OOOOOH!!!!!! the shots of him crunching his young gorgeous, handsome, rugged, ripped, carved, shredded, super tight, muscle worshipping body, raining luscious pumped muscle sweat down over his railroad ties for abs, soaking that pouch that houses what has to be the most magnificent granite slab of young rutting muscled manmeat with a head that i only dream of my lips superglued to forever. GREAT, GREAT POST ADDICT. this dream post is your acadamy award.

  3. Antoine is truly praiseworthy for his perseverence and his vision to create the physique that others will admire.

    When you are at his level, it is harder to see where improvements can come from but he has indeed made them, and he has taken his physique another notch above the many very good bodybuilders out there.

    MuscleAddict your intensity is unrelenting, praise to you for sucking the life out of our nuts...

  4. yes addict. you solved one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. this is what muscle heaven looks like, when we go, to be on a cloud with him feeling him pump, flex and sweat for all eternity, since he was certainly sent here by the god's.


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