Tuesday, 21 August 2012


There have been some awesome pics of Antoine to emerge this year, especially in the past few months as he prepped for the Canadian Nationals. My top 3 from this particular set have to be the first pic, with Antoine taking a shot of his PUMPED ripped competition conditioned bronzed boy beef on his iPhone, the 3rd pic with Antoine pulling down his shirt to reveal the most SHREDDED striated chest, and pic 9, the shot of him squeezing out the most muscular in the little purple shorts. It sadly cuts off half his head, but the body is incredible, the delts especially just look monstrous!!

Part 2 coming later this week...


  1. Fuck me! but this man is magnificent and really packing it on. That shot of him casually photographing his back in the mirror! God! to look like that while being comparatively relaxed! This is a real treat. Keep it cumming M.A. You're making your muscle junkies really happy and sticky!

  2. fuck yeah that rekaxed back shot rocks..... ifonly we could get access to antoine"s personal photo directory he abviously loves to take pics of himself and i love it..... sticky indeed worship the beast:)

    loving it MA thanks

  3. OMG addict just his name starts the erection process. shot #4 hand behind head and he says you like licking young musclegod armpits, here feast of these babies and be sure and catch every bead of muscle sweat with that bath towel of a tongue of yours and when your done you can rest your tongue of my stone hard muscled NIPPLES. yes sir, right away sir. OH ANTOINE!!!!!!!! great job addict. keep us cumming.

  4. Picture 11 - the bearded jaw-line, beard, chest in close up. Hmmm, can't resist that visual cue for arousal.

    The last pic of the relaxed back shot. The effortlessness and the greatness of it, are testimony that he really is a "great".

    Thick slabs of muscle all over, his traps and neck are sick ( as in great), and that shot of the side-burns and huge delt are sight to behold.

    Great stuff MuscleAddict


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