Monday, 27 August 2012


Last month's NPC USA's was like a who's who of ridiculously gorgeous über cute American bodybuilders. With the likes of Nick Trigili, Cody Lewis & PJ Braun all showing off their ripped roid injected boy beef, it was like every pumped up pretty boy in America came out to play/pose their indecent mass in their obscenely bright shiny posing trunks. That includes 23 year old Aaron Clark. Less of a pretty boyish cutie bum, more just all out gorgeous/handsome/hot as fucking HELL, Aaron looked insanely awesome in the craziest, most cut condition, size for days, his huge cuts of smooth pumped juicy man meat bulged out and exploded in every direction. While everyone was busy wondering whether super heavyweight Trigili would get his pro card, Aaron was whipping the hard striated glutes off the competition in the heavyweight class, which he won, and earned his pro card! The fact he's only 23 and nowhere near as high profile as other amateur competitors makes it all the more impressive. I can't wait to see what the future holds for Mr Clark. My guess? He'll blow up into an absolute monster while still retaining his hot/handsome/sexy looks and awesome/cocky attitude!


  1. keynote, only 23!!!!!! that monstrous, thick mile wide, fortress of a back. ONLY 23!!!! those bridge timbers of young powerful pull a frieght train legs. ONLY 23!!!! those granite pryamid blocks of sliced muscled glutes. ONLY 23!!!! the young muscle lust menu for aaron goes on and on. great job addict. a week of aaron and cody and you're on my christmas list.

  2. Chunky, cheeky chappie. I like these shorter well muscled and shredded bodybuilders. Oh! and yes! Aaron can drop his pants in my kitchen any time he happens to be passing. He'd find the hospitality warm and very attentive.

  3. OMG YES, posing in the kitchen. the bronzed god says, will you check my posing routine and while you're at it i'll drop these briefs and finish the pro tan so i don't have any tan line. next sound you here, my knees hitting the floor.


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